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Help- first time as an interviewER...silly nerves!

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Bobbins Mon 21-Oct-02 21:31:23

I am irrationally nervous at the moment and hope I can sleep. I've got 9 people to interview tomorrow, I feel unprepared and unable to concentrate. So much is going on at the moment that I hope I can get myself focussed. I know the interviewees are the ones that are meant to be nervous, but I'm cr***ng myself. I think I feel like a fraud, every single one of them is REALLY well qualified. Please tell me that I am working myself up over nothing.

prufrock Mon 21-Oct-02 21:59:43

Bobbins - I can't I'm afraid - but I can tell you you are not alone. I have interviewed loads of people, and still hate it. I know that I am meant to be in control, and from being on the other side I know that my candidates are also cr****ng themselves, but I still hate it. All I can say is that of the people I interviewed an then employed, not one professed to have noticed how nervous I was. They might be super qualified, but they still want to impress you - and remember, you are in the luxiorious position of knowing about them, they haven't read your CV so for all they (or I) know you could have degrees dripping put of your ears. Good luck, relax and try not to stress. I'm not xpecting my advice to help much though - I know it wouldn't help me

helenmc Mon 21-Oct-02 22:13:51

Hi bobbins, just be well prepared and make notes - I had a dreadful interview when it was obvious that half way thro the interview the chap hadn't read my cv !! good luck anyway

Clarinet60 Mon 21-Oct-02 23:07:47

Hi Bobbins. The first time I did this, I was nervous too, but nerves evaporated when I saw how nervous my 'prey' was ! If you still feel bad, ask loads of questions and let them do the talking while you take deep breaths. After the 3rd one, you'll be relaxed and bored.
Good luck

Bobbins Mon 21-Oct-02 23:26:52

Thanks ...I know that my palms will sweat for at least the first two (they sweat at anything recently) but I think I will get over it. I've done a practiceinterviewbefore and I think the worst thing was not having questions to ask, and also when there is more than one of you interviewing, knowing when to jump in and ask a question. I've prepared a really extensive list of questions now, I hope it doesn't put them off because its going to look like I'm reading form a script. RAH...they are all really young, recent graduates.i remeber feeling SO full of confidence at that time. I really wish I knew where all my chutzpah had dribbled away to!

lilly72 Tue 22-Oct-02 08:57:25

How did it go Bobbins..and how is your home life at the moment? Hope everything is calming down a little and that today wasn't as bad as you expected.

Scatterbrain Tue 22-Oct-02 12:53:17

Oh Bobbins - so sorry I didn't read this thread last night - I have done tonnes of interviewing and always still feel a bit nervous !

I hope it went OK - even if it didn't remember that you won't have appeared that nervous to the candidates as they'll have been too nervous themselves to notice - regardless of how well qualified they were !

Hope it went OK ??

pena Tue 22-Oct-02 13:17:34

This should make everyone laugh. My friend recently took on this super high powered job. She had to interview & hire some temps to do telemarketing. Her head being not yet screwed on at 9am, she asked: so what is your long term career objective. Needless to say, this was meant with a blank stare.

Bobbins Tue 22-Oct-02 13:17:37's going fine. I was tripping a little over my tongue in the first interview, but I think it got much better by the third. I've done 6 so far, three more this afternoonn. Its going to be INCREDIBLY hard to make a decision though. And wahey, I'm meeting you tomorrow Scatterbrain!

lilly> home life is very empty, the rotter has moved out and has taken the dog. It feel very lonely, but I suppose I'll get used to it. I'll have to start interviwing lodgers in the not too distant...

prufrock Tue 22-Oct-02 14:10:35

Well done Bobbins - this will be great practice for interviewing lodgers

WideWebWitch Tue 22-Oct-02 16:28:18

bobbins, wish I'd read this last night too, could have maybe given some advice. But anyway, by now you've done it, well done! And sorry to hear he's taken the dog, but glad to hear he's gone and you're in the house. If you're not sure which interviewee is the best how about short listing the 3 you liked the best and passing the buck to your boss? Just a thought - unless the buck stops with you - it could relieve a little bit of the responsibility of it all, which I can imagine you could do without atm.

helenmc Tue 22-Oct-02 18:21:37

Bobbins - glad it went ok. Tip for sweaty plams is to spray with anti-perspirant.

Bobbins Tue 22-Oct-02 18:39:03

helenmc> funny you should say that, my counsellor suggested that. I thought she was joking at first. i didn't try it though. Their hands were just as sweaty as mine luckily.

WWW>afraid the buck stops here. I've got it down to three and they are all so strong that I hate to reject any of them. They were on such a level footing that its so difficult to separate them. I'm going to sleep on it tonight. Any ideas on cutting the wheat from the chaff would be appreciated

Clarinet60 Tue 22-Oct-02 18:50:15

Well done Bobbs, one more hurdle crossed. May you cross many more.

Scatterbrain Tue 22-Oct-02 19:01:36

Gut feeling time I fear - do they have to work with you ? If so - pick the one that you feel you'd get on with best - or that you feel would be most useful to you (ie. has skills that complement yours !)

Bear in mind though that no. 1 may refuse post (unlikely I guess - I'd love a job at the Beeb) so don't get too hung up on one person.

Pizza tomorrow !!! Hooray !!!

WideWebWitch Tue 22-Oct-02 20:01:08

Oh Ok then bobbins if the buck does stop with you I agree that gut feeling is a big one to consider. But if they're all equally strong could you set them another small task or second interview of a type? I'm thinking of asking to see further examples of their work (if it's that type of job) or asking them to give you a short presentation on something relevant (if you don't think it's too mean to ask them to do it) as a form of second interview, or thinking of the one most important quality that the candidate has to possess and asking them a question (via email, post or on the phone) that you think will demonstrate their talents in this area? Maybe someone else will come up with some better suggestions but in the meantime, I agree, sleep on it and don't make any hasty decisions!

helenmc Wed 23-Oct-02 12:30:45

Bobbins - how about inviting them back for second interview with personnel or some-one else??

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