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Clive Owen Appreciation Society!

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MistressMary Wed 17-Nov-04 08:18:29

Sign up if you like the Scrummy Mr. Owen.
And free to add links, news etc on the Chancer man....

hoxtonchick Wed 17-Nov-04 08:52:04


Marina Wed 17-Nov-04 09:30:40

He is FAB

WigWamBam Wed 17-Nov-04 09:57:32

<hangs head, shuffles feet>

Um ...

Who is Clive Owen?

<slinks out feeling v thick>

gingernut Wed 17-Nov-04 10:00:57

yum yum !

DillyDally Wed 17-Nov-04 10:24:38

A fine candidate for James Bond..
<wipes drool off pooter>

Kayleigh Wed 17-Nov-04 10:27:13

oooohhh he is absolutely scrummy. Can definitely see him as 007.

Anyone see the film "I Close My Eyes"?? God he was so gorgeous in that.

MistressMary Wed 17-Nov-04 11:07:45

MistressMary Wed 17-Nov-04 11:08:38

oh sod it, Can someone do the link for this?

WigWamBam Wed 17-Nov-04 11:16:36

this one?

MistressMary Wed 17-Nov-04 11:17:03

Cheers me dears.

WigWamBam Wed 17-Nov-04 11:21:52


Cadbury Wed 17-Nov-04 11:49:53

Yummy man! Can I be membership secretary?

DillyDally Wed 17-Nov-04 12:32:29

Is he really related to the actor who used to play Compo in Last of the summer wine?

MistressMary Wed 17-Nov-04 12:53:32

I have no idea!??
They share the same surname though.

sobernow Wed 17-Nov-04 13:18:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kayleigh Wed 17-Nov-04 13:22:09

wow sobernow. I am

pixiefish Wed 17-Nov-04 13:23:07

sobernow- I am so jealous

MistressMary Wed 17-Nov-04 13:23:53

You lucky ducky sobernow!

sobernow Wed 17-Nov-04 13:45:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kayleigh Wed 17-Nov-04 13:49:11

you have to tell - or we'll scratch your eyes out.

Hausfrau Wed 17-Nov-04 13:51:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MistressMary Wed 17-Nov-04 14:02:01

Hey, come on, do tell!
Anyone else that has knowledge of him?

MarsLady Wed 17-Nov-04 14:20:34

I can't believe that this thread started without me. I live nearby him and see him in the local coffee house and at the bank. Both him and wife have smiled at DTs and said they are cute. Wouldn't throw him out of bed

MistressMary Wed 17-Nov-04 14:23:22

There you are!
You can tell him he has a fan base on mumsnet, next time you see him over coffee or when he is depositing in the bank!
Now I am envious.

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