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Smoking - Trying to GIVE UP !!! HELP !

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mumsywumsy Sun 20-Oct-02 22:17:45

Hi everybody ! I haven't posted in awhile ...but have been reading the discussions on and off .... If anyone rememebers me ...I am a STAHM now..and find i am smoking more than ever ....I just seem to find a ciggy in my hands no matter what !! But once, the kids are home from school ...i keep making trips out ...try as much as i can i just can't seem to resisit the urge to reach for a ciggy whenever ...! Aren't I a BIG loser ???! Need some supprt here...PUHLEEEEEEEEZZZZ !

WideWebWitch Sun 20-Oct-02 22:27:43

mumsywumsy, hi there and no you are not a big loser: nicotine is a hellishly addictive drug and hard to kick. I'm still smoking but hoping to get pregnant tonight (well, not quite, but soon) and will therefore stop the minute I think there's any possibility I could be pregant - i.e as soon as we have sex But getting pregnant is a bit drastic I know!

I have stopped before using Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking and it is a brilliant book but I failed to follow all the instructions, one of which is *never ever* light a cigarette again. Mmmm. Sorry, not terribly helpful but I would recommend the book or you can, go on one of his courses: they refund you if you smoke again within a certain time frame. I hate myself for starting again having stopped back last October so I know what you mean about the self loathing. Good luck, will let you know when I've kicked it too.
Willow2, how are you doing, stayed stopped?

bossykate Sun 20-Oct-02 22:58:29

i read an article in the paper recently which tried out different approaches to quitting. the one that came out tops was hypnotherapy... keep meaning to phone the number they quoted in the article!

i'm disappointed in myself too. i quit when pregnant and breastfeeding. started again almost the day i stopped breastfeeding. why did i do that after so many months managing without cigarettes?

am currently thinking about no. 2. as well as considering the baby, am also thinking that it will be the push i need to quit again - bizarre priorities! agree with www that it's a drastic approach to the problem!

also agree with www - for me it would mean never, ever having another cigarette. my downfall in the past has always been - oh but i've been so good for months now - just one won't hurt... but it is inevitably the road back to full time addiction.

sorry, mumsywumsy, not much help there, but at least you're not alone.

Willow2 Mon 21-Oct-02 10:18:58

patches, patches, patches .... oh, was I only meant to put one on a day?

Either way I'm doing ok on them, have been for about a month, had the odd fag (two so far) when drinking heavily but didn't want one the next day.

Just about to go down on to the baby ones... will let you know if I go mad.

mumsywumsy Mon 21-Oct-02 13:23:10

hehehehe @ Willow 2, but aren't patches addictive too??! thanks all the same ... thanks also bossykate and www..

DH was also a HEAVY smoker but quit - cold turkey - when he had to have a kidney removed due to a tumour ( benign , thankfully) fact the doctor told him he had no choice...he hasn't smoked in 6 mos now and cannot STAND the smell of ciggies in the house or anywhere else !

He seemed to be quite sane abt giving up suddenly crankiness.. tantrums .... and hasn't put on much weight either ..i don't know if i have that kinda will power

what kind of things have ppl tried to do to give up smoking ??anyone ...??!

sobernow Mon 21-Oct-02 13:46:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumsywumsy Mon 21-Oct-02 20:30:49

looks like i gotta get pregnant to give up smoking !!??wonder which is gonna be worse !!!the outcome , that is !!!:E

mumsywumsy Mon 21-Oct-02 20:31:36

looks like i gotta get pregnant to give up smoking !!??wonder which is gonna be worse !!!the outcome , that is !!!

mumsywumsy Mon 21-Oct-02 20:32:16


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