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Magazine subscriptions

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Ems Fri 18-Oct-02 20:35:19

Does anyone know best place on-line to get magazine subscriptions.

I remember we discussed it sometime last year, but couldnt find it on search, I think ALIBUBBLES you had a good address. Thanks.

Demented Fri 18-Oct-02 22:07:49

Don't know if it was the same one as Alibubbles mentioned but I have a magazine subscription from At the time they were doing a special offer, might be worth a try.

Alibubbles Fri 18-Oct-02 22:21:59

Ems I can't remember, but I'll have a think tonight and see what I can find!

Ems Sun 20-Oct-02 14:32:08


Alibubbles Sun 20-Oct-02 17:22:45

I typed in my name and got all the conversayions I've ever made, scarey!!

Demented was right but it doesn't seem to work anymore, try this one:-

Ems Sun 20-Oct-02 18:29:50

Thanks Alibubbles. I will give it a try.

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