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Lard withdrawn

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pinkmama Sun 14-Nov-04 10:06:37

Hi, odd question, but my mum is here and we are intrigued - does anyone know why Lard has been withdrawn from supermarkets?

suzywong Sun 14-Nov-04 10:07:58

requisitioned for use in the UK attempt at the world's largest pork pie competition?

Freckle Sun 14-Nov-04 10:16:00

Being curious, I did a search on the bbc news search facility. Just typed in "lard" and the first result came up "Johnson dominates Sunday papers"!! Rather appropriate, I thought.

coppertop Sun 14-Nov-04 10:16:23

Lack of demand maybe? People are more health-conscious but also tend to do less cooking/baking from scratch.

Can't believe I'm discussing lard on mumsnet.

coppertop Sun 14-Nov-04 10:17:55

LOL Freckle!

Alternatively the country's lard supply may well have migrated to my thighs.

Mirage Sun 14-Nov-04 11:11:42

My aunt told me several weeks ago that there was a shortage of lard & she & her friends had been to every supermarket in town buying what they could.It's probably her that started it.

blossomhill Sun 14-Nov-04 11:17:40

Personally I think lards should be banned. It is so, so unhealthy!!!!!!

suzywong Sun 14-Nov-04 11:22:16

I once saw a woman in Tesco pondering the nutritional tables of leading brand and own brand lard.

surely very little in it

hmb Sun 14-Nov-04 11:26:18

Well, I will be very annoyed if lard is banned. Nothing is unhealthy if eaten in moderation. I use lard , not often, but I do use it when I bake pastry. I make it from scratch and find that lard is far superior to vegetable shortening. I don't make or eat pastry often, but when I do I want to decide what goes into it, thanks. People need to make resoponsible choices not have governemnt make decisions for them, IMHO.

janeybops Sun 14-Nov-04 11:29:03

Sorry didn't know you could still buy it!

suzywong Sun 14-Nov-04 11:30:25

hmb you are so right about pastry

is the lard ban the work of Brussels perhaps?

WideWebWitch Sun 14-Nov-04 11:54:23

No time to read it but maybe there's something here on the site for The British Lard Marketing Board (it looks like a spoof site)

Sozie Sun 14-Nov-04 11:58:39

Mirage, is your aunt my mil I wonder ?? Last time I saw lard was when in laws came to stay and stocked the fridge up with it as we only had olive oil and you can't deep fry food in that apparently

Freckle Sun 14-Nov-04 12:17:08

Now how will we make the Melting Moments recipe posted here recently?? Do you think we should start a BRING BACK LARD campaign?

SenoraPostrophe Sun 14-Nov-04 12:26:06

They haven't banned lard, surely?

Excellent for pastry and roast potatoes.

If you want to stay healthy, just eat less.

great site, www!

JanH Sun 14-Nov-04 12:27:24

lol at suzywong's label woman!

And the lard site. Who remembers Roy Hattersley's substitute on HIGNFY?

SenoraPostrophe Sun 14-Nov-04 12:27:28

suzywong - not Brussels. Not only can you buy lard in Spain, but you can buy great hunks of pork fat for cutting up and putting in stews.

Anyone want me to send them some?

pinkmama Sun 14-Nov-04 17:29:21

Thanks for web site www, gave me a giggle. Hmm, maybe we will never know the answer. My parents were just deciding whether to move back from spain or not, if lard is there and not here maybe it will keep them there!

tigermoth Sun 14-Nov-04 17:54:09

Have I just bought the last pack of lard in the UK, then?

Intend to have roast chicken, pots and parsnips tonight so will be using it soon - and no one's going to stop me!

hatter Sun 14-Nov-04 20:58:56

don't use it myself but have to agree that the best roast tatties I've ever had were cooked in lard. Also agree that it is not individual things that are unhealthy it is diets that are unhealthy. We are allowed to eat fat, in fact we need it. I also suspect that someone who cooks pastry from scratch probably eats a better diet than many, (ie lots of home cooking, no additves, lots of fresh ingedients) even if the pastry has lard in it.

philippat Sun 14-Nov-04 21:23:19

Our local Sainsbury's sign says there is a 'european lard shortage'. According to the Times it's all the fault of the new EU members making more salami now they can get cheap EU pork...

Tanzie Tue 16-Nov-04 23:23:30

Feel free to blame Brussels, Suzy, but we can't get lard here either! Or dripping (for roasties) or suet (for mincemeat).

cardigan Tue 16-Nov-04 23:26:22

Tanzie - No lard in brussels - how do the belge make all their national fare?

BadHair Tue 16-Nov-04 23:48:33

My FIL told me it was due to French companies buying up huge stocks of the stuff. As he's not fond of the French I assume that Philippat's info is the correct version.

SueW Wed 17-Nov-04 00:40:16

Maybe I should give the lard, dripping, suet and Branston Pickle I have in my cupboards/fridge to DH so he can flog them on ebay and buy the plasma TV he so desperately craves

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