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IPSWICH PEOPLE! Does anyone know of Brittania Primary School?

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TodayToday Wed 12-Dec-07 20:30:01

If so what are its good and bad points.

The school doesn't have a website so I cannot gauge more than is in the Ofsted report.

TodayToday Wed 12-Dec-07 20:45:08

Bump smile

TodayToday Wed 12-Dec-07 21:03:35

Might help if I spelt Britannia correctly shock

TodayToday Thu 13-Dec-07 07:56:59

Shameless bump

TodayToday Thu 13-Dec-07 12:41:08

One more bump.

And if you don't know anything about Britannia Primary School - what about the following?

Heath Primary School

TodayToday Thu 13-Dec-07 13:18:01

Oh yes and St Helens.

Pretty please if anyone from Ipswich comes on today. smile

snorkle Thu 13-Dec-07 13:26:23

Erm, I vaguely know people who have had kids at Brittania Road and Broke Hall. I think they were both very happy with them and those two are quite well regarded schools (are they both Coppleston catchment for senior school? That and Northgate are the best regarded senior schools). Sidegate I've heard of but can't remember what was said - have a feeling it was good. I'm not in Ipswich & don't know anything about the other two.

Sorry not to know enough to be more helpful.

jesuswhatnext Thu 13-Dec-07 14:28:16

sorry don't know about the primarys but try to get a feeder into coppleston or northgate

NOT chantry - avoid at all costs

TodayToday Thu 13-Dec-07 14:30:39

All of these feed into either Northgate or Coppleston and maybe Kesgrave. They're all on the east side.

citylover Fri 14-Dec-07 13:22:03

Hi I am from Ipswich although haven't lived there for 20 years. My brother and I went to Sidegate and it was fine then but of course could have changed. It was always a large school (there weree 40 in my final year but 25 out of those 40 passed the 11+ to go to the then Northgate Grammar School).

So the church schools are probably smaller in overall size - St John's was always considered good.

As far as I know the other schools you listed are all OK. My friends children go to Broke Hall Primary and she is happy with it. And another went to school in Kesgrave and were happy too.

As the poster says for the 'best schools' best to get a feeder into Copleston, Northgate or Kesgrave. All of which are the 'better' comps in Ipswich. By virtue of the fact that they are based in the more affluent areas of the town.

To me the schools in Ipswich are probably like a walk in the park compared with SE London where I now live. But I could be rather out of touch of course.

However that would not be enough to make me move back as despite all its problems I love living and working here and my DCs have got roots here as it is all they have ever known.

TodayToday Fri 14-Dec-07 14:06:58

Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

floaty Sat 15-Dec-07 16:13:57

I am not sure about Britania Road ,but Broke Hall is good I've heard as is sidegate Lane (though big) and Dale Hall Helens is meant to be excellent and is less stuffy than the other church schools like st Margarets,St Johns is meant to be very nice and they have a lovely purple uniform.Gorseland also has a good name as does Beacon Hill in Martlelsham

Countingthegreyhairs Sat 15-Dec-07 16:28:26

My nephew was very happy at St Margarets (C of E) but understand previous comment about it!

MincecePie Sat 15-Dec-07 16:51:39

LOL DH went to Chantry grin

MincecePie Sat 15-Dec-07 16:52:47

My friend's DD goes to Broke Hall. I could find out her views if you want.

TodayToday Sun 16-Dec-07 11:59:36

Oh yes please Mincepie. It is looking like the most likely school to have places for Sept 08. I like the look of it on the website but I'm a little concerned by its size. It's a big school. Can you find out if the infants and juniors are kept separate. Is it a good school for a quiet child. What extra curricular things do the children do. How supportive are the majority of the parents.

I like the look of St Helens a lot but it's likely to be filled up by September 08.

My child will be moving mid-school. Not joining Reception.

Gorseland would be my first choice. It looks wonderful. But it is full and oversubscribed.

All of this is based on not seeing any schools yet. I will be looking but it's only worth looking at ones likely to have places.

MincecePie Sun 16-Dec-07 15:35:13

I will try but may be a while before I speak to her. Her DD had only been there 4 or 5 weeks herself as they have only just moved to Ipswich.

TodayToday Sun 16-Dec-07 16:06:48

Thank you. Whatever info you can offer at whatever time would help me.

cece Tue 18-Dec-07 10:54:51

I spoke to my friend yesterday. She said her dd really likes it and has made some friends quickly. She also apparently really likes her teahcer. She was under the impression it was quite a middle class catchment area. Sorry forgot to find out answers to some of you questions.


TodayToday Tue 18-Dec-07 13:42:53

Thank you. Hopefully I'll get a chance to visit the school in February if they still have places.

Lopes06 Fri 03-Feb-17 21:52:38

Hi Ipswich people - your feedback, reviews and opinions on St Margaret school

I recently moved to Ipswich and my child was already in year 1 so as you can imagine most schools already full. Got a space for her in Halifax primary school but had a few issues with one teacher. I got a space in Margaret's and just visited it today but I'm not 100% sure I shall move her as it would be her second school move in 4 months. I'm also concerned with parking around St Margaret's seems to be very limited as it's right in town centre. Whats everyone opinion on st Margaret school?
Many thanks

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