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tracyhay Tue 15-Oct-02 17:55:43

My 3 yr old son has been approached by an agency who think he is gorgeous. He is but i am biased. Anyway i thought if they ask for money they are dodgy but they promise they just want a bit at the beginning. The bumf is very professional and their client list is very long including GLTC, ELC Virgin ...
How can i find out if they are genuine?

This company are called Modelsdirect.


PS i wouldn't be serious about it. Maybe one job for fun to look back on, he is a complete flirt!

bundle Tue 15-Oct-02 18:07:13

tracyhay - have a look under other subjects: child modelling on mumsnet...some very interesting comments from others who've had experience. I wouldn't do it, but that's very personal.

Willow2 Tue 15-Oct-02 19:07:47

Tracy - there are several threads about modelling - but the main thing is you shouldn't be asked for money up front.

will post later when not being attacked by ds

Willow2 Tue 15-Oct-02 20:46:57

Just checked and there are three threads to do with child modelling already started in the Other topic section - go to search, whack in modelling and they should come up. Think they might cover the points you want to check .

Crunchie Wed 16-Oct-02 11:22:09

I have a feeling Modelsdirect are not necessarily one of the well regarded agency. My dd is a model and she is 3, her agency did not ask for any money (they take a comission on each job), however there is the optional opportunity to go into their 'book'. This is once a year and you pay for the shoot (about £60) and pay to be in the book (about £75). You do get a bit more work by being in the book, but I don't take my dd to castings, so I figured the only way she would get jobs is by being in the book.

So far she has done Tesco's, Aldi, Toy's R Us, Startrite, and various other little things. Her best job was Tesco since she is currnetly on teh cover of their Christmas magazine!!!! (Quick boasting mum! )

She gets about £50ph, minimum of 2 hrs work, with 20% agency taken off this. 95% of the work is London based, and since we don't live there, we have to account for travel as well. So she doesn't really make much money.

Overall less expenses she has probably made about £500 last year. However I pay expenses and put all her earnings into her bank account.

Seriously, don't do it especially for fun, as there is no agency (bar dodgy ones) that will take you on if this is the case. Remeber all the reputable agency's get about 20 letters per DAY from parents sending in photos of their kids. I was the only person taken on in a month with my agency and this was because I had insider information (I used to work for a magazine that used models from this agency!).

Good Luck, but think really really seriously about this. Even the day taking photos is no fun, you sit around for hours, they can't play because teh equipment is all over the place, sometimes they 'forget' to offer a drink even! My advice is don't bother, as I said I only do actual jobs and not castings, which even for little kids are a case of 'next, next, next......'

leese Wed 16-Oct-02 11:26:03

Crunchie - we'll all be getting that magazine now, claiming to know the girl on the cover!

jessi Wed 16-Oct-02 14:30:40

Hi I agree with Crunchie, its pretty boring and time consuming. They often don't look after you very well and you don't earn much money! Ds did it when he was a baby and I stopped when he learnt to crawl. He wasn't enjoying it and neither was I but I am pleased to have the magazines he did do to show him when he's older!

MABS Wed 16-Oct-02 22:30:20

Crunchie - which agency would you recommend ?

tracyhay Wed 16-Oct-02 22:57:19

models direct have e-mailed me again! They have also written to me. I will turn them down, they sound dodgy! I wasn't bothered anyway. It was just nice to hear my son is gorgeous, even though I know that already!


kimsy Tue 01-Jul-03 21:59:48

Hi tracyhay
My son is 9 months old and he has also been accepted by models direct I was thinking about taking the offer on until i heard they were on Watchdog I have been to the watchdog site on the net and read all that people have said now i don't know what to do!

MABS Tue 01-Jul-03 22:01:53

Don't touch them Kimsy, as far as I can make out they take your money and you never hear from them again - at least that's my experience

willow2 Tue 01-Jul-03 22:33:18

kimsy - don't do it.

Crunchie Tue 01-Jul-03 23:37:29

kimsey there are other reputable agencies, do a search on mumsnet as there have been many conversations on this subject. My girls do some stuff. Really only the eldest gets work and she does loads for Asda mag, she is in the july issue. But it is a pain unless you live in London.

sherilouise Wed 15-Jun-05 14:23:55

ModelsDirct is a conn they take your money and you never hear from them again!

sherilouise Wed 15-Jun-05 14:34:06

Does anyone have any good child model agency's hat they can recommend please

crunchie Wed 15-Jun-05 15:07:04

sherilouise do a search (go to search archives) and read though the threads on child modelling. There are quite a few threads with lots of good/bad comments about most of them. This should give you ideas. Sorry to send you off on a search, but this subject comes up a lot and I cannot remeber all teh good/bad ones.

My kids are with MOTJUNIOR if that is any use

trace2 Wed 15-Jun-05 16:40:14

hi every body dont go near models direct, my ds whos 3 was put on there books last year i paid out £125.00 andthen they wanted more to update on internet never heard from then since, but now with a good agency and get a bit of work. It depends where you all live.

sherilouise Wed 15-Jun-05 16:49:43

I agree with Trace2 Modelsdirect are definatly not to be touched, they take your money and then you never hear from them again. If anyone has any agencies they recommend I would be greatful.

sherilouise Wed 15-Jun-05 16:51:24

Crunchie Thanks for your help.

trace2 Wed 15-Jun-05 16:52:02

sherilouise where abouts are you i know afew good ones who my ds has done some work with

sherilouise Wed 15-Jun-05 17:02:05

Hi Trace2

I live in the London area (south London)
I am really gutted about the money I sent to Modelsdirect I only sent a few weeks ago and I have since heard so many bad story's.
I really dont know how they are managing to get away with ripping off so many people, i wish I could get my money back

bundle Wed 15-Jun-05 17:04:48

I've never seen a "happy" thread on child modelling, why on earth do people do this?

katierocket Wed 15-Jun-05 17:06:27

why do you think?!

bundle Wed 15-Jun-05 17:07:40

money/boasting??? dunno, beats me.

katierocket Wed 15-Jun-05 17:08:36

yes and yes IMO.

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