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baby shower games

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helenmc Tue 15-Oct-02 10:10:21

I've been invited to a baby shower on friday, what happens as I've never been before??? what kind of games do you play? and what do you bring as pressies??

MiriamW Tue 15-Oct-02 10:28:46

Gifts: generally something for the baby, so it helps if you know the sex. I got cuddly toys, tons of clothes, a travel cot, massage oil, and a baby pack (lotion, cotton wool etc). Something nice for the mum to be is also an idea if you know her favorite moisturiser or perfume.

Games: the ones I've been to have had games along the lines of "guess the mothers birthweight", "Stork bingo" (using various baby/birth related words instead of numbers), cutting of a length of string which you estimate will go round the mother's bump - people usually over-estimate. Other ones include being given say 3 clothes-pegs to wear. If someone else hears you mention the word "baby", they can snatch one of your pegs. Also had a game where various "smells" were applied to babies nappies, and you had to guess the smell (not good if you yourself are in the early stages of pregnancy!).

Have a good time!

pipsqueak Tue 15-Oct-02 20:19:50

I went to one where you had to taste babyfood from a jar (where the label had beed obscured) and guess what it was supposed to be. They all tasted the same and quite yuk except the C&G chocolate desert which was rather yummy! hope you have fun!

Jaybee Wed 16-Oct-02 12:51:14

I am glad that someone has started this thread as I have just received an invite to a colleague's baby shower - organised by another colleague who is from the US. Not really sure what to expect, I will take a present but not sure what yet - she knows that the baby is a boy so I was thinking of a Brio train or similar - The Mum 2b is a late first time mum so my other idea was a basket of midnight essentials - things like Infacol, Calpol, Karvol or similar, saline drops, etc. What do you think - anyone got any other present ideas or other 'midnight essentials!!!'

sis Wed 16-Oct-02 13:04:20

how about a cordless phone if you know that the mum-to-be hasn't already got one - not a midnight essential but a lifesaver for the early stages of tryiong to breastfeed!

Jaybee Wed 16-Oct-02 14:53:50

sis - I agree, that was when we bought our first one - an absolute Godsend, I still wouldn't be without one five years on - she already has one though.

bettys Wed 16-Oct-02 15:14:07

Ohhhhhh, I thought this was games to play with your baby in the shower. Derrrrr.
Champagne is always good for the mum - my midwife said it was full of iron. Taken in moderation, of course. A bottle lasts a long time in the fridge if you stick a metal spoon in the top.
I wish someone had given me a digital thermometer, one of those in-the-ear jobbies. Don't know if you can use them on tiny babies, but when I did finally get one it was a godsend.

Eulalia Wed 16-Oct-02 21:20:03

Some pretty bibs? I hate seeing soggy terry toweling ones and they generally tend to be too big for a little baby.

Some writing paper/notelets for thank you notes?

Picture frames for the new arrival. Or a photo album.

For mum - a nice nightie/pjymas for those early days when you don't get dressed till mid afternoon!

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