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stupid surnames........

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Titania Wed 10-Nov-04 13:53:34

the more i think about it the more I think mine is stupid and I hate it!!!

zephyrcat Wed 10-Nov-04 13:54:26

I have always hated mine and always wanted my mums maiden name instread! Dp's is not much better if we ever get married

libb Wed 10-Nov-04 13:54:56

I love mine!! far better than the married one

KateandtheGirls Wed 10-Nov-04 13:56:07

Titania, you can't start a thread like that without telling us what it is, or else what's the point?

Titania Wed 10-Nov-04 13:56:44

you know....annonymity and all that!!! lol

WigWamBam Wed 10-Nov-04 13:56:48

My maiden name was Blower. I bet you can make up half of the jokes yourself, particularly as I played the clarinet.

zephyrcat Wed 10-Nov-04 13:57:51

lol so true katg! Mine is Warren so i always get the rabbit jokes - and they're soooo not funny!! Mums maiden name is Thain. I like that one. dp's is Myers so we always get 'mike myers' comments

KateandtheGirls Wed 10-Nov-04 14:00:41

We like W's in our family. My mum's maiden name was Wilcock. My stepmum's maiden name was Wiggett. My maiden name was Webster. My married name is Walsh. My mum's new married name is Waldron.

spacemonkey Wed 10-Nov-04 14:01:31

i know someone whose maiden name was hooker

lou33 Wed 10-Nov-04 14:03:42

i know someone who has the surname hoare

bran Wed 10-Nov-04 14:04:31

I knew a girl at university who's surname was Dyke . I really love my surname so I didn't change it when I got married (actually I think I was just too lazy to sort out all the paperwork).

nailpolish Wed 10-Nov-04 14:04:38

lou, hope her 1st name isnt emma

lou33 Wed 10-Nov-04 14:11:33


Also knew one called hawes, and met one called crapper

Hulababy Wed 10-Nov-04 14:18:22

Mine isn't stupid. It is a perfectly common surname - but it is a pain when chooisng names. Can't have namkes like Jack or Joe, as they dsounf daft.

My maiden name was Veall - which always seemed daft because I was veggie.

Titania Wed 10-Nov-04 14:20:26

mines quite long....poor dd drew the short straw for having the longest name in the family!!!!........

essbee Wed 10-Nov-04 14:31:01

Message withdrawn

MistressMary Wed 10-Nov-04 14:32:01

I knew a of a Cundick!

essbee Wed 10-Nov-04 14:33:45

Message withdrawn

MistressMary Wed 10-Nov-04 14:36:52

Anyone remember Christopher Lillicrap the childrens presenter on the beeb, years ago?

spacemonkey Wed 10-Nov-04 14:37:38

oh yes he used to do buttonmoon

lou33 Wed 10-Nov-04 14:39:35

i've seen a badcock

zephyrcat Wed 10-Nov-04 14:39:42

lol been wondering who he is - he's in our panto this year!!

popsycal Wed 10-Nov-04 14:49:14

i knew a tancock

zephyrcat Wed 10-Nov-04 14:50:20

too much info lou!!!!

Hausfrau Wed 10-Nov-04 14:51:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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