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Any parents of child actors out there?

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froot Wed 05-Dec-07 08:30:32

Do you have an agent ? How does it work? Is it free? My 10 year old (to our surprise) seems to have a real talent and she cannot go to stage school as we live nowhere near London. In the past 18 months she has been in local productions............but how do you take it further. She would luuuuuuuurve to audition for TV etc.

froot Wed 05-Dec-07 08:32:24

P.S Cant afford Stagecoach!

marymay Wed 05-Dec-07 13:36:41

have you looked at the website sure there is lots of advise on there that will help.

evenhope Wed 05-Dec-07 16:46:59

My DS has an Agent. They take 15% of anything you make.

It is free, except that you have to pay to be in the casting book (Spotlight- on internet) and it's about £80 a year. If you aren't in Spotlight you don't get called for auditions.

I don't know how you go about finding an Agent. DS was spotted during a dancing show and invited to sign up.

goingfor3christmaspuddings Wed 05-Dec-07 16:48:08

Where do you live?

goingfor3christmaspuddings Wed 05-Dec-07 16:50:08

I met a girl who lives in Devon or possibly Cornwall. She is signed up with Syilvia Youngs Young'uns agency but has to travel to london for castings. IDo look on as you will find someone who can tell you about good agents i local to you.

froot Fri 07-Dec-07 22:38:02

I live near Southampton. Will look at the website. Will look on notapushymum right now!

At the moment am a stressedoutmum as she is losing her voice (though no cold or sore throat- just 4 nights of rehearsals last week and last night was a corker - school rehearsal 3.30 til 5 then audition 5.15 to 5.30 them amdram rehearsal til 7.15 - wanted to pick her up after audition but she is a determined little madam and insisted on staying.....)and has the lead in the school play starting next Tues.

Am stuffing her full of echinacea, vitamin C and fish oils and giving her hot squash. Any other tips for voice preservation (vow of silence impossible but am trying to get her not to sing - very difficult as she has been known to sing in her sleep.....)

froot Fri 07-Dec-07 23:02:26

Just lookesd - fab website thanks for the tip!

UniversallyChallenged Fri 07-Dec-07 23:51:17

it says to go to but i cant access it for some reason, does anyone on here have a link i can try? Thanks

Tinkerbeltinsel Sat 08-Dec-07 09:04:15

try this

HipstaHackneyMum Mon 17-Oct-16 14:06:46

try KidsCCP - > smile

my son is getting a lot of good attention there and got cast in two student films already :D

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