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Bums and Bits??

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Rhiannon Sun 29-Jul-01 20:43:08

OK I know this conversation is a bit old but I need to resurrect it! The thread started with Ecj asking about the non medical names for girls genitals!.

Now that she is 2.8 years we had decided on Minnie but it wasn't working. Too many references to the 'mouse'. Now we have copied a friend who uses Nunny (pronounced with a soft 'u')!!!! Another friend calls it a Tuppence!

Alih Mon 30-Jul-01 15:56:25

Its 'girlie bits' for us. I hasten to add that this was my other half's name for them which has stuck!

Bron Tue 31-Jul-01 10:19:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kid Wed 01-Aug-01 11:55:32

We used the name minnie which our 2.5 yr daughter has stuck to, even though she pronounces it mimmie. My nan calls it mary or gee!

Boo321 Sat 04-Aug-01 20:26:22

its girlie bits for us too which have been shortened to girlies,thou now my daughter is 11 I have started calling it good ole fanny!!

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