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Sore throat after a general anaesthetic...advise???

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Hulababy Sun 02-Dec-07 20:20:08

Wondered if anyone can help or advise me on what I can take for the pain, as the stuff I have isn't helping.

I had a general on Friday for a minor op. Ever since my throat has been incredibly sore, way more than last time I had a general. Every swallow is painful and it really hurts my ears too. The pain is there constantly but more intense as a Iswallow. A simple cough or clear of my throat s unthinkable, and I sneezed yesterday and the pain was awful.

I have the normal painkillers I was sent home from hospital with but they don't touch it. Throat lozenges ease it temporarily.

Any advice? Anyone else had this after a general - for so long and so painful? Any suggestions of what I can take to ease the pain?

smurfgirl Sun 02-Dec-07 20:22:11

I think its to do with the two types of tubes they put down your throat when you are asleep.

Can you ring the ward you were admitted onto for advice?

expatinscotland Sun 02-Dec-07 20:22:21

I have not had such significant pain for so long after a GA. I did have a sore throat for a bit, but more like I'd just shouted too much at a concert, certainly not like you describe.

Bumping for you!

smurfgirl Sun 02-Dec-07 20:22:43

Thats not clear is it - one type is more painful after removal than the other type.

expatinscotland Sun 02-Dec-07 20:22:57

it also depends on who put it in!

some folks put too large a tube in and not very well.

Hulababy Sun 02-Dec-07 20:23:27

Was thinking of doing that but didn't know if this was normal or not. Had same op 3 months ago and wasn't this bad. I remember the nurse in recovery saying I had some breathing issues when coming round, wonder if it mught be related to that. Just not improving at all from what I can gather.

curlywurlycremeegg Sun 02-Dec-07 20:24:29

Doesn't sound "normal" discomfort due to intubation, if you have pain in your ears also there may be some infection, would get to your GP to have it checked out

ComeOVeneer Sun 02-Dec-07 20:25:00

I assume you had tracheal intubation? This is a common side effect, and more common in women. Have you tried gargling with soluble aspirin for pain relief. Basically the tube has irritated the lining.

expatinscotland Sun 02-Dec-07 20:26:02

Yeah, what you're describing certainly doesn't seem usual.

I only had GA once without incident. The other time, I had a significant complication and I don't remember much of the three days after the op and I also had a breathing tube, so I don't recall much.

But that first time it definitely didn't hurt to swallow or cause pain in my ears 2 days on.

Hulababy Sun 02-Dec-07 20:27:43

I already have antibiotics prescribed by the hospital - as precaution after the op, so even if infection that should be sorting it surely?

I am assuming it is the tube that caused it. On Friday night when I was coughing up stuff (very painfully doing so) it was slightly blood tinged, so assuming it has irrated my throat.

Will get DH to get some soluble stuff tomorrow and give that a go.

I expected to be in some pain or discomfort after the op, but didn't think it'd be my throat causing me the most grief!

Hulababy Sun 02-Dec-07 20:29:54

Do you reckon it would be appropriate for me to call the ward tomorrow - they won't think I am being a pain too much?

expatinscotland Sun 02-Dec-07 20:31:42

i'd call the ward!

who cares if you're being a pain!

if it's hurting that bad for you to swallow three days on i think you should at least be taken seriously.

smurfgirl Sun 02-Dec-07 20:31:52

Some people do wake up with incredibly sore throats ater ET intubation but it does seem very painful for so long afterwards. I would definately ring the ward for advice, if they are concerned they can contact your consultant.

I have to say that it does seem individual and different every time for throat pain following a G.A some people woke up with no pain, some with loads.

Hulababy Sun 02-Dec-07 20:33:43

I will call them tomorrow if still painful then. It's driving me to distraction. I never realised just how often you swallow in one day - and for the past 2.5 days I have felt every single swallow!!!

Hulababy Sun 02-Dec-07 20:34:27

BTW, the op had nothing to do with my throat or anything related. Different end - was gynae.

expatinscotland Sun 02-Dec-07 20:35:01

ouch, hula!

my sister had this once and they prescribed some throat numbing spray for her to use for a few days.

i didn't get such a sore throat but i did wind up with some serious vomitting as a consequence of GA.

hope i never have to have it again!

Hulababy Sun 02-Dec-07 20:36:09

Throat numbing sounds like a much preferable option that this right now!

expatinscotland Sun 02-Dec-07 20:36:58

many gynae procedures can be performed under local or regional anaesthetic (those which involve inflating hte abdoment with gas can't be, though) with IV sedation, so i'd speak to a consultant in the future if you need another procedure. all the surgeon usually requires is that the patient not move at all.

Piffle Sun 02-Dec-07 20:40:02

Hope you're doing ok...

I have had two bad reactions to the tubes after a GA
I used ibuprofen as well as the co codamol/paracetamol based products

the strepsil with the local anaesthetic in then can help too - thinking of things easily available for you.

Otherwise like has been said, there is an excellent post op spray they can give you.
Do ask for it as lingering pain is not normal

FWIW I've had lots of GA's (don't ask) and only twice have I have anything painful or that lasted longer than 24 hrs

Get well soon, I know how uncomfortable it is

Hulababy Sun 02-Dec-07 20:40:45

expat - def needed general for this one, and last one. Discussed it with consultant. Was important because of the possible cervical shock due to lazer treatment to remove the adhesions. On more positive note though consultant thinks he managed to remove all adhesions this time so shouldn't need a third op. Phew.

expatinscotland Sun 02-Dec-07 20:52:56

glad this is the last one, hula!

yeah, that spray they gave my sister worked a treat. she wasn't drinking enough water because her throat hurt so much.

she's also had a lot of GAs, the one where hte tube really gave her trouble was for her endometrial ablation.

LadyOfWassail Sun 02-Dec-07 20:57:19

I had the same, it lasted quite a while - was very painful to swallow etc. but it did go eventually.

Hulababy Sun 02-Dec-07 20:58:33

Thanks. Will get on to the ward tomorrow, or GP if they can't help.

Trying to drink plenty. have to admit to drinking more tea (at least it is decaf) than water though - the warm tea is less painful than cold water.

Hulababy Sun 02-Dec-07 21:06:47

Foud some Lemsip - nearest I have to soluable paracetamol. Can also take them alongside the other hospital painkillers (which aren't paracetamol based) - so doubling up for bedtime.

smurfgirl Sun 02-Dec-07 21:07:54

What are the painkillers?

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