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Playtex Moonwalk 2005 anyone?

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MarsLady Mon 08-Nov-04 13:08:05

So ladies, who fancies doing the Playtex Moonwalk to raise cash for breast cancer research? I did it a couple of years ago (couldn't this year as had just given birth to the twins) and it was FANTASTIC! 15,000 women and about 1,000 men walking in bras through the night to raise cash. Victoria Wood did a programme on it recently. You walk 26.2 miles (full moon) or 13.1 miles (half moon). Great fun. Fancy it? Anyone?

MarsLady Mon 08-Nov-04 13:26:43

Come on girls, it won't be that bad, especially as I managed to do it. If we're going to be sleep deprived it ought to be for a good reason.

Titania Mon 08-Nov-04 13:36:19

wheres it at?

happycat Mon 08-Nov-04 13:37:06

what is full moon and half moon.This gives me images of micheal jackson or walking 26 miles with our backsides showing.didn't see the program but it sounds good

MarsLady Mon 08-Nov-04 13:41:04

The full moon is the full walk and the half is half. No bare bottoms (unless you really want to) . It takes place on 18th June and starts and ends at Hyde Park. Don't know how to do links but the website is (I think). All the info is there. You need to apply as soon as the applications come out as it is very popular.

MarsLady Mon 08-Nov-04 14:06:16


Ixel Mon 08-Nov-04 15:11:31

I'd love to do it, but it depends what shift dh would be on, as he'd have to be at home for ds!!

Arabica Mon 08-Nov-04 18:41:12

I would love to join in, I was only thinking about the moonwalk today! I met Nina Barough in 1999(the organiser of the moonwalk) and promised her I would do it soon. So it's about time I got my wonderbra and trainers on, isn't it.

charliecat Mon 08-Nov-04 18:47:01

I would like to aswell.

cellulitequeen Mon 08-Nov-04 18:49:55

I'm up for it - I love walking.

unicorn Mon 08-Nov-04 18:54:26

Saw the programme with Victoria Wood, thought it was amazing.
How fit do you need to be tho?
I would be up for it (she says sheepishly!!)

MarsLady Mon 08-Nov-04 19:26:56

It's good to start training asap. My friends and I started with a couple of miles twice a week. Then after a couple of weeks we went up to four and five miles. By the time we got up to 10-15 miles we were walking in the evenings. It was a lovely break actually. If you start now, then it doesn't matter what level of fitness you have. Just little and often. Don't be fooled into thinking that you can just walk it, people have before and ached before they were even half way round. It's great fun though and the website offers a training guide. Good trainers and good friends to walk with. That's what worked for me.

charliecat Mon 08-Nov-04 19:28:05

Wheres the website please?

MarsLady Mon 08-Nov-04 19:35:58

charliecat Mon 08-Nov-04 19:38:25

Ta already emailed my sister and shes gonna do it too

charliecat Mon 08-Nov-04 19:40:13

Hmmm its bringing up a search engine for me

charliecat Mon 08-Nov-04 19:41:03

Here it is!

MarsLady Mon 08-Nov-04 19:42:25

how did you do the link?

charliecat Mon 08-Nov-04 19:45:20

Instructions next to the smileys...its without the uk bit I think

MarsLady Mon 08-Nov-04 19:46:55

how daft am I? thank you Charliecat

charliecat Mon 08-Nov-04 19:49:24

No where can I expect to dash to to pick up a form? Any ideas?

MarsLady Mon 08-Nov-04 19:52:20

register with them and they will send a form out when they are ready. don't be fooled into thinking that you can take your time to send it back. It fills up so quickly that "he who snoozes, loses". Happened to friends of mine last year. When you get your form and fill it in tick the fastest time box, otherwise you'll be languishing behind and not start until about an hour after the first across the line.

Gobbledigook Mon 08-Nov-04 20:11:58

Def up for this!

Started training for the London Marathon a few years ago but got injured and couldn't do it - then went on to have babies and haven't got round to doing it again. I know this isn't running but I bet it's equally challenging!

charliecat Mon 08-Nov-04 20:15:26

Cant see anywhere to register...

MarsLady Mon 08-Nov-04 20:18:10

click onto contact us and leave your details asking for an application form.

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