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Hever Castle, Kent anyone been?

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Rhiannon Wed 09-Oct-02 18:11:34

Thinking of taking DS 7.5 and DD nearly 4 to Hever Castle in half term. Have had a look at the website, looks interesting but it will cost £21 for the 4 of us. Would anyone recommend it? TIA. R

dkdad Wed 09-Oct-02 21:03:01

Hmm, haven't been there for 35 years when I was a four year-old ds myself! Loved it then! Great castle for boys who are into castles.

Assume it hasn't decayed too much since then...

Eowyn Wed 09-Oct-02 21:52:15

Been there a couple of times tho not with child, if the weather is dry there are nice grounds & a water maze for kids now. So I would think worth it if you can make a day of it.

pupuce Wed 09-Oct-02 22:31:44

I've been there lots with the kids (3 and 1yo).
The castle itself is NOT suitable for a pushchair. It is also a fairly small castle.

The grounds are big - last time we went there was jousting and DS loved it. There is a maze.

The restaurants are nice and catter well for kids.
It is a very pretty place. More for adults but I think even your 4 yo would like it.
I'd go again myself.

Batters Thu 10-Oct-02 10:55:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ghosty Thu 10-Oct-02 11:08:23

I took 60 Year 4 children there about 4 years ago! It is a great place - I love it but then I am mad about the Tudors and love all old houses, castles and palaces. I think it is very suitable for a 7 year old (talk to him about Henry the 8th and his wives first though) especially if he is into 'the olden days' - the nearly 4 year old should like it too.
Did anyone mention the adventure playground that is there?

SueDonim Thu 10-Oct-02 14:28:32

Lucky you! I spent lots of time at Hever when I was a child, visiting friends who lived in the village. Maybe one day I'll get the chance to go again.....

tigermoth Fri 11-Oct-02 19:56:40

Rhiannon, I went this year with a 7 and nearly three year old and they really enjoyed themselves.

The best thing for them was the water maze - lots of stepping stones around an island wiht a tower you can climb. Some of the stones, when stepped on, activate small fountains which you are meant to dodge - try telling that to a child. But since you are going at half term, getting wet outside would be chilly so you'd need a change of warm clothes and possibly a towel.

The adventure playground has enough to occupy children for up to an hour I'd say. It's good but not big. Ornamental ponds are a diversion, too. Lots of intersting fish in them.

The hedge maze is fun, too, especially for your older child. The castle tour is interesting and only takes about half an hour. Not very four year old friendly, but what historic tour is?

The cafe sells lovely home made cakes ( one of the best selections I've seen) or did when we visited.

There was also a good plant shop, with lots of interesting and unusual plants on sale.

We would go back, but I think I'd pick a warm day as the main attraction for my two is the water maze.

I don't think there's enough to entertain a child for a full day, but certainly enough for a long afternoon. Also, if you're feeling especially rich and active, you could take in the Enchanted Forest at Groombridge Place, which is only about 15 mins drive away.

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