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Songs that make you bounce round the room

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Tinker Tue 08-Oct-02 17:55:20

Right, as antidote to crying ones, which ones make you bounce round like an idiot and pretend you're in a band? Current one is 'Dreaming of You' by the Coral. I'll come back with some more later.

But what about everyone else? And please tell me I'm not the only one who pretends I'm on stage when I'm alone in the house!

spacemonkey Tue 08-Oct-02 18:08:54

Sunshine by Dario G and Rollin by Limp Bizkit.

And no Tinker, you're not the only one

lou33 Tue 08-Oct-02 18:27:32

Hot in Herre by Nelly makes me shake my booty! Echo Spacemonkey (!) with Rollin, and In the End by Linkin Park.

ks Tue 08-Oct-02 18:40:36

Message withdrawn

Lynne33 Tue 08-Oct-02 20:24:45

Roll With It by Oasis, and Oliver's Army by Elvis Costello.

WideWebWitch Tue 08-Oct-02 20:50:13

I'm Free, The Soupdragons. Don't pretend to be in a band but dance and pretend to be young

slug Tue 08-Oct-02 21:03:14

"Feel Good Hit of the Summer" by Queens of the Stone Age. The lyrics consist (soley) of:
Extacy and Alcohol

Bron Tue 08-Oct-02 21:16:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tinker Tue 08-Oct-02 21:19:42

Oh Bron, yes Mbop! Bought that when on maternity leave so we were both in the band!

SueW Tue 08-Oct-02 21:31:20

Love Katrina and the Waves as mentioned - it used to put me in a good mood all day if I heard it on the radio on waking.

I've just bought 'Songs to Make You Feel Good' which has some my faves on.

And DD and I love belting out songs in the kitchen aka disco and even more so in the car.

ionesmum Tue 08-Oct-02 21:33:53

Love Shack and Rock Lobster - B52's.

Blue Monday - New Order.

Diggin' Your Scene - The Blow Monkeys.

Pop Music - M.

Great thread!

hmb Tue 08-Oct-02 21:36:50

Oooh, too many to list. But I also love Free. And 'Walking in Memphis' by Cher, December '63, Day tripper, Sheena is a Punk rocker, A good heart is hard to find. Oh, I want to go and play some of these! What fun.

Tortington Tue 08-Oct-02 21:39:32

gotta be " SUNSHINE ON A RAINY DAYYYY MAKES MY SOUL MAKES MY SOUL TRIP TRIP TRIP AWAAAAAAAAY" sorry bout that and smells like teen spirit nirvana, and the one that makes me sing at the top of my lungs is...... "mmmmeeeeeeeeee annnnnd misssus missus joooonneees, mrs jones mrrrssss jones.... we got a thaaaaaaaaaang goin ooooooon doodo di do dodo di do .. we both know.." OMG the list is endless, whitesnake, madness, ddiana roos and the supremes, aerosmith ever day - like evening primrose oil, happy mondays step on..classic,erasure...remember them the communards dont leave me this wwaaaaaaayyyy... am off again!, the whole of the new jersey album by bon jovi, ok i'll stop

glitterbabe Tue 08-Oct-02 22:14:36

Ray of light - Madonna
song2 - Blur
Moving - Supergrass
Spin spin sugar - Sneaker Pimps
Cigarettes and alcohol - Oasis
Real slim shady - Emminem
Anything by Jamiroquai & Fat boy slim.
Agree with you Lou33 about Nelly - Hot in here is a real booty shaker.

SueW Tue 08-Oct-02 22:22:43

What I really wish is that someone would set up a legal version of Napster from which you could legally compile your own CD, even if it had to be burned by them and posted to you, with a custom cover.

I'd willingly pay say 30p per track for such a service and yet I understand it's practically impossible because of the numbero f record companies involved.

bossykate Tue 08-Oct-02 22:43:00

oh yes glitterbabe, when i *really* need to let off steam, song2 (blur) does the trick! always worry about disturbing the neighbours afterwards!

Marina Tue 08-Oct-02 22:45:19

ionesmum, I LOVED the Blow Monkeys - Diggin' Your Scene is great.
I like to pretend I am Karol Kenyon, the woman with mighty lungs on Heaven 17's Temptation. I am not, of course. Also:
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band: Sherry Darlin'
Edwyn Collins: A Girl like you
The Oyster Band: Hal-an-Tow
Fatboy Slim: Praise You
St Etienne: He's on the phone

bossykate Tue 08-Oct-02 22:45:43

also "rock and roll star" (oasis) "praise you" (fatboy slim) and "angels" (robbie williams) - not so good for dancing, but excellent for give it your all at home karaoke!

another few - "you've got the world in your arms tonight" (idlewild), "we are all made of stars" (moby), "brimful of asha" (cornershop).

Marina Tue 08-Oct-02 22:46:23

Oh how could I have forgotten Cameo: Word Up and Kate Bush: Don't push your foot on the heartbreak?

bossykate Tue 08-Oct-02 22:51:22

how could i have forgotten "believe" - cher?!! DO YOU BELIE-E-E-VE etc! so, so tacky! but so, so cheering! has got me through many a bad project moment!

jodee Tue 08-Oct-02 22:57:09

Ahhh, Marina, a girl after my own heart, I would have an identical list! (but I've never heard of the Oyster Band???)

and I love singing the one that starts: I-I-I-I-, can't get of my high horse (you know the one) - you are the one whoooooooo, etc.

Custardo, what are you on????

jodee Tue 08-Oct-02 22:58:46

(whoops, grammar - "off" my high horse ...)

Tinker Tue 08-Oct-02 22:59:12

Oh, Sherry Darling!!! 'Your mother's yappin' in the back seat, tell her to push over and move them big feet' 'Well, let there be sunlight let there be rain, let the broken-hearted love again!'. Aaah, meant to be working!!!!!

glitterbabe Tue 08-Oct-02 23:09:08

Jodee, I love that song it's Jocelyn Brown - Somebody else's guy. It's so uplifting, reminds me of clubbing in the 80's dancing round my handbag

leander Tue 08-Oct-02 23:17:41

walking on sunshine
It's raining men
twist and shout.

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