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How do I go about finding images for a doula leaflet?

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Lilliput Thu 22-Nov-07 22:40:10

I am wanting to create a leaflet, poster and postcard for my doula service and I need some images. How do I go about using a picture library, will it cost me much? Has anyone used a picture library before?

Lindiriel Thu 22-Nov-07 23:57:32

I created my flyers and business cards using Microsoft Publisher. I got a really nice royalty free pic of a Mum and baby that I'm now using. Why not see what you can get for free before paying out ya hard earned money?

Kath wink

Lilliput Fri 23-Nov-07 06:29:32

where did you get your poc from Lindirel?

lailasmum Fri 23-Nov-07 07:20:49

fotolia is a good photo library online and cheap. Its actually cheaper if you join the US site as you get charged $1 a picture whereas the uk site charges £1 a picture.

Lilliput Fri 23-Nov-07 11:39:46

I'm not sure what size of images to buy? Loads of great pictures!

Prunie Fri 23-Nov-07 11:44:58

Lilliput are you coming to the Scottish night out, still? Naily said you might not be.

Lilliput Fri 23-Nov-07 17:16:39

Sorry Prunie, I'm afraid I'm not, something has come up. I really gutted sad

choufleur Fri 23-Nov-07 19:20:39

there are loads of photo libaries with really good quality pics but they generally charge quite a lot if you're going to use the images for commercial purposes. Most 'free' libraries only allow non-commercial use. Try or and look for royalty free pics (that means that once you've bought the pic you can use it as many times as you like in the future without paying anymore). If it's for a leaflet to promote yourself you really want a good quality pic that is at leadt 300dpi.

hertsnessex Fri 23-Nov-07 21:11:20

i use found them tob e very good.

Sputnik Fri 23-Nov-07 21:40:46

hertsnessex you beat me to it. Another vote for

SlightlyMadScreachingSirens Fri 23-Nov-07 21:48:53

I think you can use many images on Wikipedia royalty free - as long as you adhere to their copyright conditions and acknowledge the on any image to see conditions.

morningpaper Fri 23-Nov-07 21:52:50

some breastfeeding photos

The Stock Exchange - royalty free photos - brilliant

Lindiriel Sat 24-Nov-07 01:07:01

Publisher downloaded it from the Microsoft website when I looked for images

mrswotzisnotin Wed 03-Sep-08 14:38:35

This is why MN is so cool
I wanted some info on fotolia and you've talked about it already.

I will see if I can join the US site, thanks for the tip.

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