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do you know what really annoys me.....................

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anniebear Fri 16-Nov-07 14:45:52

believe me there are many grin

will just tell you one

But I cant stand it in Asda/Tesco and you are at the check out and the cashier reads your magazine you are buying

I know its a bit petty grin but they always do it

cant they get one in their lunch hour lol

Yesterday one actually turned my mag round so it was right in front of her and had a good nosey at it!!!!!

I wasnt in a huge hurry, but she stopped putting the food through whilst she had a nose at it!!!

felt like saying "dont stop" !!!!!!!!

Just thought I would share with you!!!! grin

NAB3littlemonkeys Fri 16-Nov-07 14:46:32

It annoys me too.

ivykaty44 Fri 16-Nov-07 14:47:50

Then buy a porno mag.........

anniebear Fri 16-Nov-07 14:47:51

Lol, bet everyones wondering why on earth it bothers me !!!!!!! lol grin

Well Im hormonal and it does!!!!!!!!!! grin

OrmIrian Fri 16-Nov-07 14:48:44

Buy the Fishing Times. That should put her off.

mishymoo Fri 16-Nov-07 14:49:21

I haven't had that yet but what does annoy me is when they hand you all your money, cards and receipts in one go and then start putting the next customers shopping through and you are still trying to put everything away...aargh!

anniebear Fri 16-Nov-07 14:49:38

Lol, they would be nosing even longer then!!!!!!!!!!!

glad Im not the only one Nab3,

I think its a bit rude of them really when they should be serving you!

Evenhope Fri 16-Nov-07 15:21:01

The other thing they do is make comments on what you're buying. I never know what to say!

NAB3littlemonkeys Fri 16-Nov-07 15:54:09

It is one of those irrational annoyances!

catsmother Fri 16-Nov-07 16:16:48

I don't mind someone glancing at a headline, or commenting that they've "not seen those before" or "they look nice" ..... it's just being friendly (and sad though it is, Tesco banter is one of the few 9-5 opportunities I get for so-called adult conversation as a SAHM, and someone who works from home eves & weekends).

However, just like you Anniebear, I had one woman stop - completely stop that is - to have a read through my mag. I didn't say anything but thought I'd stand there to see how long she'd stay engrossed for. It was literally 3 or 4 minutes before I said "excuse me ....." and it was only then she carried on scanning, without any apology or acknowledgement that she was being a cheeky moo.

It really riled me because I felt it was rude and unprofessional, and she was holding me up.

mrsb2016 Mon 20-Jun-16 11:35:30

What really ps me off, at the weekend in tesco with hubbie and our 2 kids both under 5 they were play argueing about something dissolving into giggles as they chatted this old woman walked past glared at btge kids and give me the filthiest look - ooooooo one way to boil my blood! So being me being pregnant hormonal me being mummy me yep i opened my mouth to my husband but so old bat could hear, she scarpered quickly really irritates the hell outta me

Perfectlypurple Mon 20-Jun-16 11:40:38

A 9 year old thread!

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