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Any tips on keeping a sangenic nappy bin smelling nice?

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JiminyCricket Tue 02-Nov-04 17:09:16

I'm gonna have to stop using mine if not, it was great for the first 9 months now it stinks all the time (and we DO clean and disinfect it every time - DH did it on Saturday and it stinks already.

enid Tue 02-Nov-04 17:10:14

no tips I am afraid, they do end up stinking which is why not many people on here recommend them. Chuck it. Sorry.

Yorkiegirl Tue 02-Nov-04 17:21:00

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Tue 02-Nov-04 17:21:48

chuck it out

most stupid thing i ever bought

Marina Tue 02-Nov-04 17:22:34

We've done incredibly well to keep ours from honking over a four year timespan then (admittedly only used for one pissy night nappy per 24 hours for over a year of that though).
Was going to suggest a drop of lavender/tea-tree oil in its innards...

Twiglett Tue 02-Nov-04 17:34:29

I've never had a problem with ours

most nappies go out in the outside bin to be fair .. and the ones that go in the nappy bin are wrapped up tight .. I don't know if that makes a difference

we keep it in the bathroom which is quite a big room and well ventilated ..

I'm surprised other people have problems .. I couldn't imagine not having a sangenic bin

yoyo Tue 02-Nov-04 17:45:10

I love my bin! No problems with smell either. Perhaps rinse it out with a bicarb solution - I think they recommend it for whiffy fridges.

BadHair Tue 02-Nov-04 17:50:30

My sangenic used to reek when we used it for disposables with the cartridges. Use it for dry-pailing reusables now, and it actually stinks much less!
Try a few drops of some nice smelling oil to hide the aroma.

carla Tue 02-Nov-04 17:53:36

Only way I could deal with stinky nappies was to put them in a nappy sack and dump them in the outside bin!

tex111 Tue 02-Nov-04 17:56:12

I used to spray Febreze in mine every time I emptied it which helped, but in the end it just stank too much. DS's room smelt of poo all the time. It's now out in the shed and we use nappy sacks that we put in the bin and then take out the rubbish every night.

misdee Tue 02-Nov-04 18:00:19

i hated my sangenic bin. i actually hate the smell of nappies in nappy sacks anyway. yukky. now i use the sandenic bin for dry-pailing as well, you are right bad hair it smells less now. Even so i do tend to disinfect it at least one a week with zoflora disninfectant. smells so much nicer than other things.

WigWamBam Tue 02-Nov-04 18:33:46

I've never had any problems with ours either, although it's one of the older style ones, which I have heard tend to be less smelly anyway. It was given to me second hand and I thought I wouldn't use it, but I love it. We wipe it round every time we empty it, and every now and then give it a good once-over with Dettox, which has been more than adequate for us.

Twiglett Tue 02-Nov-04 18:55:46

mine is almost 4 years old .. does that make it older style?

Hulababy Tue 02-Nov-04 20:27:11

We never had any problems with ours either??? It never smelt at all; just the scented bags used and no problems with escaping odours.

What about adding a drop of te tree oil (or lavender) to the bag as you add each nappy.? That may neutralise the smell. That's what we add to the nappy bin I use for DD's Bedwetters.

JiminyCricket Tue 02-Nov-04 20:28:08

Hmm, we do actually have one of the older style ones too (used to use downstairs - given to us secondhand) it doesn't smell but i assumed that was because we used it less. Might get it down from the loft and swap. Thanks folks.

WigWamBam Tue 02-Nov-04 20:30:01

Twigs - the older ones are the thinner unit and use white refill cartridges, not yellow.

jura Wed 03-Nov-04 01:02:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chandra Wed 03-Nov-04 01:05:21

I have a yellow one and was fine for the first year, now I leave a desinfectant towel inside after cleaning it, and empty the poh in the toilett before placing the nappy in the nappy wrapper. It works fine.

Stripymouse Wed 03-Nov-04 08:13:09

throw it out - it is a disgusting nasty contraption that just stinks! It is not something to be loved - it is full of poo FGS!!
The clips kept falling out and I was embarrassed whenver anyone came round to the house in case they asked to use the bathroom. When I go to someone’s house and see them they make me shudder.
I tried every kind of bin deodorant, washed it out frequently with bleach, emptied it often - then after a few months binned it.
I would recommend good old cheap nappy sacks and stright in the bin.

Portree Wed 03-Nov-04 08:25:37

I don't have a problem with mine either and I think from reading these posts it's a new one. I just empty it regularly and then stand it in the bath and put the top part inside the bottom part of the bin, put lots of hot water and bleach into it, leave it to stand for a few hours, rinse it. Doesn't smell at all.

WigWamBam Wed 03-Nov-04 08:25:53

But mine doesn't stink, stripeymouse . And I *do* love it, I don't want to have to be trolling to the outside bin come rain, show or gales every time there's a nappy needs throwing away! And as someone else said, if you don't want it to be full of poo, then flush the poo down the loo before you bin the nappy.

flea Wed 03-Nov-04 08:53:36

ooh : been looking for the chance to tell my nappy wrapper story!
I used the nappy wrapper thingy with first baby, 2nd baby born and I reliased that the silly bits in the lid (white plastic things that kept falling out) were missing. Wrote to Sangenic and they sent me a completely new top to the nappy wrapper (and the plastic thingys are much improved - they are longer and criss cross so dont fall out).. This was free of charge and I have to say was excellent customer service.. Yep agree sometimes can be a bit smelly but not all the time for me...

albert Wed 03-Nov-04 09:09:49

Never had a problem with mine and it was in constant use for 2.5 years. Probably one of the most useful presents we were given IMO. I used to put a small saucer of dry bicarb soda in the base of it and change it every time I emptied the thing and can't say we ever had any wiffy problems.

KatyMit Wed 03-Dec-14 13:29:19

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Lemonsole Wed 03-Dec-14 13:34:54

If you shake as much poo as possible off into the loo, and flush it, you'll probably find that it gets better.

Why people are surprised that poo stinks when squished up and kept in a warm house in a plastic bag, is utterly beyond me.

As far as is possible, the poo is supposed to be removed from disposable nappies before they can be disposed of safely, anyway.

Probably not the thing to say if you are a lover of disposables - but cloth nappies don't smell anything like as much.

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