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Drama groups - which one best for a rather reserved child ?

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LIZS Sun 11-Nov-07 17:32:49

ds(9) has expressed an interest in his drama and dance lessons at school. I'm under no illusions that he is probably not great at it but he has admitted it could improve his confidence to do more. I'm not sure what type of group would suit him best. We have Stagecoach , Italia Conti and Perform (are they only up to 8?) in the area, possibly some local grousp too, but are they dominated by precocious and talented kids or do they cater for the more reticient, less coordinated child too. Don't want him to feel overwhelmed and lose enthusiasm. Would prefer an opportunity to do a taster course , perhaps in the holidays.

LIZS Sun 11-Nov-07 20:55:25

anyone ?

mollymawk Sun 11-Nov-07 21:02:56

Can't help much but my DS1 went to a Perform workshop yesterday. He is 4 and was alarmed by the beginning which was very LOUD but in the end he seemed to have a great time. The other children seemed v normal and the supervisor was at great pains to emphasise that it is not a stage school type thing. His group only went up to 8 though. I don't know if they have groups for over 8s.
What about a local am-dram group? They sometimes have junior sections.

tigermoth Sun 11-Nov-07 21:12:30

My sons have been to several drama groups and IME each one is different and IMO you can only decide if the group is right for your son by trying it.

A lot depends on the personalities of the teachers and the make up of the class, I think.

We have never actually embarked on any of the stagecoach type classses, but my youngest has attended holiday classes with a similar type of school and liked it - the kids were certainly not prima donnas - quite ordinary, nice kids in fact. Worth asking how many boys are in a class before you join and also what sort of commitment is expected.

My oldest ds is with the youth section of a local am dram group - he joined when he was 10. Recent show rehearsals included 1 full day at weekends plus 1 evening for the two months leading up to the show, with a full week of rehearsals in the week before. Again, the kids are pretty ordinary, but by that age (teenagers) are going of their own free will, so are keen on the whole.

islandofsodor Sun 11-Nov-07 21:38:52

I work for a Stagecoach school and we have a real mixture of children. Many are sent by their parents becasue they are not confident, to help to build their self esteem a little.

Of course the nature of the subject dictates that you will always get some over confident kids. I joined a youth theatre group at 14 and found it a bit overpowering even though I loved it because all the other kids had dance or drama training and I didn't so I felt I wasn't as good as them.

Some youth theatres won't allow under 14's to join because their are more restrictions on how many days/hours in a week they are allowed to perform. The ones around here allow children from 10/11 to join.

You really need to visit if you can to get a feel for the place.

LIZS Sun 11-Nov-07 21:48:17

Thank you that is useful. Will make some enquiries tomorrow at school. Not even looking for him to perform really, just enjoy the improvisations and workshops and improve his confidence and movement.

blue63 Wed 01-Jun-11 11:38:01

I have just joined this site today and felt compelled to respond to some of the postings i have read particularly the ex perform teacher.As a parent of a child whose has been attending Stagecoach for 5 years I'm obviously bias but had time to fully research the CRB expectations, all staff including the Early Stages assistants(and they are often students themselves)must have a CRB check. The Principal training is mandatory and no one just gets a school to operate,of course they are all meant to be the same but people are people and we are all different and as for creativity and performance I have heard great reviews from parents after the end of term shows.
As for the safety of our children we have had no cause for concern and our principal at Stoke Newington has been working with and caring for children for 18 years and has had glowing references.
Do you perhaps remember when you first got pregnant and one of the first questions you answered was where you were going to give birth and then how? or will you be breast feeding? We then got to hear about a terrible time someone had ,having chosedn the same path we were about to undertake,we all have different experiences doing the same thing sadly with the more serious topic of childbirth we are not all lucky and many face great challenges during this time,and as our children grow we make many choices for them most will hopefully help them grow into wonderful caring and creative human beings.
Whether you choose Stagecoach or Perform it is really about each individual child and I guess Ive been very lucky with my choice,yes you may pay more for it but in my opinion and thats all it is my opinion it has been great value for us my daughter has made a great many friends and her confidence is coming through in all aspects of her development and that is worth every penny...pushy parents? are we not all trying to get the best for our children... I dont see any starry parents at Stoke newington and some of the are actually are on TV themselves best to give your local principal a call and make up your mind by trusting your own instincts...
sorry not ranting just passionate

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