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Footballing Kids

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kkgirl Sun 31-Oct-04 17:14:47

Does anyones' dd or ds play football?

Beetroot Sun 31-Oct-04 17:48:49

Message withdrawn

kkgirl Sun 31-Oct-04 18:01:01


God I thought I had it hard, one ds who is fanatical about football.

How do you cope with all that training/matches and the washing?

Beetroot Sun 31-Oct-04 18:33:38

Message withdrawn

kkgirl Sun 31-Oct-04 20:06:26


My ds played his last match for his current team today, and joins new team for training this saturday.
He cried after the match because he is very loyal to his teammates and I welled up too.
He scored a hat trick and played really well today.

Beetroot Sun 31-Oct-04 20:14:14

Message withdrawn

kkgirl Sun 31-Oct-04 21:19:33


Am proud of him, but thats the sore point, he didn't get man of the match, and I'm not being cocky because he's my boy, but he is one of the better players and he never gets any encouragement or praise, in fact I think some of the other parents are jealous, sounds daft but I'm sure its true.
Will just have to see how he gets on in new team.

Do you have any problems like this in your teams?

MarmaladeSun Mon 01-Nov-04 09:32:02

DS plays for our local town football club, so that's Thursday night training and Sunday morning playing matches. PLUS DH is manager of a men's team and trains on Wednesday nights and plays on Saturdays (all day job as they're adults). On top of that, DH is also an FA coach and referee so is roped into reffing other matches too!

kkgirl Mon 01-Nov-04 22:35:47

Oh well, you guys have really got loads of football going on in your lives.
One reason I was attracted to DH was that he doesn't like sport, just cars, and I decided that I could live with that, and join in.
Youngest DS who has behavioural problems started showing an interest in football, and started soccer tots, and then at 6 3/4 playing for a local team.

saffy202 Tue 07-Dec-04 21:51:36

Both of mine play - DS1 plays in goal for an under 11s local team and also for school team. He has a match once a week, training once a week and also specialised goalie training once a week.

DS2 is too young to play competitively but trains once a week. Sometimes it is a real bind and feels like my life revolves around football!

I prefer watching my youngest as at times the parents of the Under 11s can be very competitive and my heart sinks when a goal goes in. I am at the minute taking a step back from it as I find it very easy to get sucked into the behind the scenes squabbling and back-stabbing.

They both love it thou and I feel that it keeps DS1 'normal' in the eyes of his friends as he is classed as gifted in maths and my main worry is he dumbs down for fear of being bullied at school iyswim. Because all his friends play football they just see him as one of the lads!

JanH Tue 07-Dec-04 22:01:05

Last season DH ran an under-16 team which DS1 played for, and DS2 was in a very good under-11 side in which he was always the sub (well, someone has to be!) Two trainings, two matches and 3 sets of kit...

Fortunately there were 2 U-16 team but only one U-17, so both DH and DS1 have resigned - hooray! And DS2 is now playing for a totally rubbish team, in which he gets a game every week and they wash all the kit, I am so happy!

There was a lot of argy-bargying behind the back of the manager of the good side, this lot seem perfectly happy, it's great. Long live the crap teams!

turnupthebass Fri 10-Dec-04 15:30:26

Hi Janh

Both of ours play and love it. Our Sundays now totally revolve around the football. DS2 kicks off at 10, DS1 at 1 o clock, church and a bit of shopping / lunch in between!

DS2's team are very good and usually win about 10+ to nil, which isnt that good to watch even when he scores lots! you feel so sorry for the opposition goalie.

DS1 is on an average team that can pull off the odd shock result - including his crowning glory of two goals in two minutes in the second half of a really tight cup match! (glowing with pride that afternoon!!!).

Despite the cold and wet (and oh it gets so so cold on that touchline) it is really good to be involved in, and actually gets them to exercise something other than their thumbs on the playstation!

JanH Fri 10-Dec-04 16:06:39

Hello, TUTB! Long time no see!

My DS2 is that opposition goalie you feel sorry for - until last weekend his team had played 9, been trounced 9, but only 8 of the opposition (played 6, won 6) turned up on Saturday and felt confident enough to play anyway

Got their come-uppance though and stopped the match at 7-0 (to us...) at half-time!

You must be quite glad yours both play the same day, otherwise your entire weekend would be cold and damp...

MarsselectionboxLady Fri 10-Dec-04 16:52:47

My DS1 plays football for his local team and rugby and basketball for his school. So the week goes like this; Wed after school rugby training, Fri after school rugby, home for a quick bite then football training. Sat am (really early) rugby training and/or match. Sun football match anywhere between N London and Watford. Fri lunchtime is basketball training.

Rugby kit washed on Thurs in time for Fri, Fri in time for Sat. Football kit washed Sun after match along with Sat rugby kit. All boots cleaned by the boy on Sunday eve.

DD1 hoping to take up athletics. Now that will be a challenge, how to attend her training and meets.

DD2 and the DTs not doing anything much yet, but DD2 wants to take up gymnastics.

We love it all. So good for the kids to be out and doing things. We relax over Sunday lunch and go to church in the evening (at 5). DH often a linesman for DS1's matches and plays with his mates on a Wed evening. I'm the one huddled up in a large warm coat nursing coffee from a flask.

kkgirl Sat 01-Jan-05 09:31:06

Is anyone else training today, NEW YEARS DAY.
Couldn't believe it when DS2 was called to train this morning, ready to play in a match tomorrow.
He's only 8, poor dh had to get up, I did too, get him ready, to drive half an hour to be there for 9.30

What is happening, surely, they could have started next week!!!

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