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i have my driving test tomorrow.

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themildmanneredjanitor Thu 08-Nov-07 18:47:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

captainmummy Thu 08-Nov-07 18:49:11

No top tips - I passed in 1980 so i'm a bit out of date! - but loads of luck to you!

DrNortherner Thu 08-Nov-07 18:49:20

OOh good luck. TRy not to worry too much. I passed last Decemver on my 5th attempt and remember it well.

Try to stay calm and take deep breaths. Do you have any rescue remedy?

I will send lots of ops vibes your way tomorrow smile

DrNortherner Thu 08-Nov-07 18:49:39

pos vibes

Lulumama Thu 08-Nov-07 18:49:46

best of luck ! even if you think you have failed, keep going and try to do it all the best you can, as you might be surprised !

NappiesShnappiesPANTSgalore Thu 08-Nov-07 18:52:49

ask your driving instructor to sit in the back. they cant say anything to you, and you wouldnt want them to. no, the point is;

-if you fail, they have seen forst hand where your weaknesses were so are better placed to help with them.
-the examiner has to be fair, as there is a knowledgeable witness.

apparently taking aspirin beforehand helps wit anxiety

or rescue remedy (not that i evr noticed that working for me)

turn your rear view mirror so that you have to ever so slightly move your head to look in it. it means that your many mirror checks will be noticed and not missed by the examiner.

take your time when getting in the car to do all your 'cockpit' checks (mirrors, seat position gear stick etc), even tho you will have set them all perfectly just before getting out and waiting in the centre.

themildmanneredjanitor Thu 08-Nov-07 18:59:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 08-Nov-07 19:00:39

good luck - will be thinking of you ! smile

themildmanneredjanitor Thu 08-Nov-07 19:41:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

prettymum Thu 08-Nov-07 19:53:47

Good Luck!!! passed my test on my 6th attempt in august, kept failing because of stupid mistakes due to nerves.

just try and not think too much about examiner and if you do make a mistake just remain calm and continue.

Snowhite Thu 08-Nov-07 20:00:52

Good Luck !! Just keep calm and just pretend it is another lesson . Easier said than done I should know I had my first test last Thursday and failed I think it was because I was so nerveous think I will try calms and rescue remedy next time. Oh and the time flies by before you know it the test is over.

southeastastra Thu 08-Nov-07 20:02:29

watch your speed, but don't go too slowly.

is it your first?

smurfgirl Thu 08-Nov-07 20:03:10

Good luck !!

Mum07 Thu 08-Nov-07 20:04:13

Best of luck! I passed mine 3rd time at 26, totally thought i had failed as hit the kerb during my 'reverse around the corner' but actually hadn't as i corrected myself and finished it OK. They are human and if you make a slight mistake but show that you know you have and you know how to rectify it i think that goes a long way.

You absolutely couldn't better my 2nd test though, didn't even make it out of the test centre! started to pull out of the car park, saw a fiesta heading my way and as my foot moved to the brake the instructor warned me about the car as if i hadn't seen it and I said, "that's it, i've failed haven't I?" and he said "well, technically..." so i parked up and asked him to go and get my instructor to take me home! Must be the shortest test ever!

lou33 Thu 08-Nov-07 20:05:13

very best of luck

mybabysinthegarden Thu 08-Nov-07 20:06:39

Deep breaths... take as much time as you need with manoeuvres... remember they won't fail you for turning right when they say left... and good luck!

sophierosie Thu 08-Nov-07 20:33:13

Good luck!

I passed first time at 30 and I think the best advice was to drive confidently when in traffic and to take as much time as you want with your manoeuvres.

I was sure I'd failed as I drove through a red light purposely because an ambulance was trying to get through and I wasn't quite sure what to do (obviously I made sure there were no cars coming!)

And keep checking your mirrors - I was rubbish at this during lessons but made a real effort to check them during the test that my neck was actually aching!

Boco Thu 08-Nov-07 20:35:19

Oh really really good luck MMJ, hope you pass, no advice as i'm crap. Just...don't crash or anything, and do good driving.

staryeyed Thu 08-Nov-07 20:38:26

Wishing you good luck for your test! Everyone swore that rescue remedy would work for nerves but all it did was make my driving instructor think that I had been drinking -alcohol content(might have over done it)

Anyway just pretend that you are taking a lesson and don't pressurise yourself - you can always take it again.

KerryMum Thu 08-Nov-07 20:40:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harleyd Thu 08-Nov-07 20:41:29

good luck

haychee Thu 08-Nov-07 20:42:54

Take your time, dont try to rush anything.

Itll all be over in around half an hour.

KerryMum Thu 08-Nov-07 20:44:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NappiesShnappiesPANTSgalore Thu 08-Nov-07 20:58:33

is perfectly acceptable to have your instructor in the back. nothing wierd about it. just not that common as people dont know you can.

i honestly think its a really really good idea.

themildmanneredjanitor Thu 08-Nov-07 22:07:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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