OH MY GOD lily stains all over cream carpet ......

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leglebegle Fri 29-Oct-04 12:28:40

Does anyone know how to get lily stem stains off a carpet - if it possible ??? The vase just jumped off the mantle, it collapsed and they went all over the carpet, there are big orange stains all over it. Has anyone tried to get them off before ?? Why the hell did I buy lilies ??

Twiglett Fri 29-Oct-04 12:30:40

omg..try lightlly touching with sellotape first to pick up pollen

do not rub

leglebegle Fri 29-Oct-04 12:32:11

the water in the vase soaked all the pollen in so I can't use sellotape. It is seriously wet and orange. I have tried rubbing it already and it didn't make it worse but it didn't make it better. God I need kim and bloody aggie ...

JoolsToo Fri 29-Oct-04 12:33:28

I always cut those bits off - which of course doesn't help you now - I don't know whether to offer this cos I don't know if it will work but - Baby Wipes? - they get rid of EVERYTHING else!!!

leglebegle Fri 29-Oct-04 12:35:31

HHmmmm ... interesting. will have a go thanks x

MrsDoolittle Fri 29-Oct-04 12:42:15

Oh My God leglebegle. I really feel for you. I ran a thread in August when I got lily pollen on my aqua silk outfit for my sisters wedding. Unfortunately, I had no luck trying to get it out. My sister had lilies in her bouquet, so I just pretended it had happened on the day. I held 6 month dd in all the photographs to cover the stain. Hope something works. Have you thought of Lakeland and their specialist cleaning products?

Twiglett Fri 29-Oct-04 12:42:22

oxy clean???

muddaofsuburbia Fri 29-Oct-04 12:45:40

Carpet Power is fab for everything - even got gloss paint out of our carpets! It's a white spray bottle with a lilac label and yellow writing. I got mine in Tesco so it's pretty easy to come by. It smells lavender-y too which is nice. Hope you get it out

MrsDoolittle Fri 29-Oct-04 12:54:12

Gosh I'm stupid. I forgot to mention White Vinegar!! I use it on everything. It has got blood out of my beige carper and coffee - dh spilt two mugfuls bringing it to me in bed one morning. Smelt a bit vinegary but you wouldn't know now

hewlettsdaughter Fri 29-Oct-04 13:18:05

this site suggests methylated spirit

WigWamBam Fri 29-Oct-04 13:24:55

I wouldn't be sure about using methylated spirit if your carpet is acrylic though.

subs Fri 29-Oct-04 13:28:28

borrow the 'how clean is your house' book (or pop to smiths and read it in shop) or look on daily telegraph website - sat 'weekend' suplement has a cleaning column dealing with obscure cleaning issues (oh my god im 28 - i cant beleive i typing this! where has my life gone!) prob info on how to deal with it there

good luck

Saz1967 Thu 08-Sep-16 10:19:42

I did the exact same thing yesterday - rubbed in lily pollen all over the light grey carpet. I tried vanish, vinegar, lemon juice, fairy and was at the stage of looking out the insurance documents until next door gave me a bottle of this stuff. Without sounding like a salesperson it took it all out really easily, it's cheap and you can buy it in tesco!

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