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Postman opening my front door - who do I complain to?

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FlameInHell Sat 27-Oct-07 12:16:52

It has happened a couple of times before - parcels appearing on my mat that can't fit through the letterbox. Today I was sat on the stairs as he opened my front door and threw a parcel in shock

I'm fuming - had a go at him, asked him not to do it, and he rambled about us not being in a lot and it saving taking it back to the sorting office - even with me explaining that if we are not in the THE DOOR IS LOCKED. He didn't even try knocking angry

I could have been naked, I could have a small animal that shoots out of any open door, I could accuse him of rape for all he knows.

Who do I complain to? The local sorting office? A helpline of some sort?

I miss my old postman

sleepycat Sat 27-Oct-07 12:18:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FlameInHell Sat 27-Oct-07 12:19:20

He seemed baffled as to why opening the door to my house was wrong, especially without knocking.

You knock, if you get no answer, you take it back and I collect it (the sorting office is 2 roads away, so he really can't try to tell me it is easier for me, plus I am there daily for work)

harman Sat 27-Oct-07 12:19:50

Message withdrawn

I had a postman that did this once, we had a downstairs loo that opened off the hall and I was a bit poorly one morning and raced into the loo and never shut the door. Postman opened the door, said hello and put the post on the hall table, never reacted to tHE FACT i WAS onthe loo blush

I shouldn't think your postman will do it again.

FlameInHell Sat 27-Oct-07 12:21:13

It is a safe area, the children can't open the door when the handle is pushed up (too stiff), there is no need to be locked in constantly.

I'll go find the number, thank you

hercules1 Sat 27-Oct-07 12:22:30

He should have knocked first but I wouldnt complain. I'd personally be grateful I didnt have to go to the sorting office.

CarGirl Sat 27-Oct-07 12:24:33

I saw the posties bike outside the other day and went to meet him - he was actually walking away.

"Oh is the bell not working" says I, "Didn't ring it, I thought you were out because the TV wasn't on" Says he "I did knock though" - we have a double glazed front door and an internal porch door - how would I hear him knock?

This now explains why I keep thinking he must have rang when I was in the garden or whatever - no he sees the TV off and doesn't bother <<thunk>> Just because I'm at home with young children why does that mean the TV would be on all day??????????????????????

Hell no, I'd be furious! It's a complete pain in the arse when I miss a parcel, as the sorting office is across town, but I'd go nuts if my postman opened my front door to put a parcel in!

Definitely complain, it's totally out of order.

FranSanDisco Sat 27-Oct-07 12:28:12

You've told him so he won't do it again. Why complain? He obviously thought he was being helpful. My postie told the parcel force delivery man to chuck all my parcels over my side wall so I didn't have to go to the sorting office.

sKerryMum Sat 27-Oct-07 12:30:06

Isn't the easy solution to this locking your door?

Heated Sat 27-Oct-07 12:30:13

You HAVE complained - to him. That should be sufficient. Although lacking in the charm department, he clearly thought he was being helpful. Having made your position clear, if it happens again, then complain to management.

VioletBaudelaire Sat 27-Oct-07 12:31:31

Lock your front door.

VioletBaudelaire Sat 27-Oct-07 12:32:10

He could have drop kicked the parcel over your fence instead.

MeMySonAndI Sat 27-Oct-07 12:32:10

Well, if you live in an area where you can left the door open even when you are not in... I supose that we can't judge the postman as badly if he were in a city where everybody is so concerned about security.

Non excusing the postman BTW, he should have knocked.

DaisyWhoooo Sat 27-Oct-07 12:38:30

Perhaps he is really doing it so he doesn't have to wait for you to come and answer the door - it's much quicker for him just to lob it in through the door. And he may well be doing it to other people too, so I think you do have a case for complaining still.

Our postwoman used to do this, but I felt rather sorry for her, she always looked absolutely worn out, so I never said anything.

DaisyWhoooo Sat 27-Oct-07 12:39:07

Why on earth should the OP have to lock her front door because of a cheeky postman!!

NBheebieGeebies Sat 27-Oct-07 12:42:55

Thats unbelievable!!! shock

I hope you get somewhere complaining. I've had to complaion twice just recently to our local office because of posties supposedly knocking and ringing the doorbell to deliver a parcel and in actual fact they have never bothered.

Not half as bad as your problem though.
Cheeky sod!

MrsWeasley Sat 27-Oct-07 12:46:00

If it was me I would see it he did this again before complaining TBH. You speaking to him was enough to make him aware of your feelings.

I personally wouldnt have a problem with our posties opening my door.

I do, it takes away my right to walk around nekkid! grin

lailasmum Sat 27-Oct-07 13:03:39

My postman does this all the time, at least 2-3 times a week, I think its absolutely fine. Its probably enough to complain to him because people have different norms and he is probably used to doing it to others who think its fine too. I would far rather my postie open my front door and hurl in packages when I am in but can't get to the door than face the two hour round trip to the sorting office because I have missed him. If the door is locked he leaves them in my recycling bin. Our other postman doesn't do it and it annoys me massively to have to pick things up.

What is it you don't like about it specifically, I can't personally see this would be a problem, he is after all giving you things that belong to you, he is probably under pressure to deliver really quickly as so many people complain about late post these days and writing endless notes to people who are in is a bit of a pointless time waster?

preggersagain Sat 27-Oct-07 13:09:59

flame do you want to swap posties?? i had the opposite prob the other morning- kids all gone to school/cm's etc and i had sneaked back for a nice mid morning cuddle with dh blush postie turns up and rings the doorbell every 30 seconds for about 5 minutes- i gave in and went down to answer it
me: "didn't you think we might not be in"
postie: "no, all the cars are here so i knew you were home"

a little over-enthusiastic! i'd rather he had just opened the door and lobbed it down the hall grin

curseofthemummylin Sat 27-Oct-07 13:23:23

I personally wouldnt have a problem with this,i would rather he do this than i had to go and collect it from the sorting office.He wasnt doing it to be nasty so i would think that now he knows how you feel about it he wont be doing it again,so i wouldnt complain

FlameInHell Sat 27-Oct-07 14:08:51

I can't believe that some of you say I should be locking my door rather than expecting the postman not to open it hmm

He was rude and stroppy when I asked him not to do it and couldn't understand how it could be a problem. I'm not just worried about my house, but about the various other ones around me - he seemed to walk away thinking I was a freak for not wanting it to happen, and that he would most likely continue doing it at other houses - he could end up being accused of anything, or if he did it for one of the old ladies I used to do avon for, she could quite easily collapse at the shock of her door suddenly opening.

What I don't like about it specifically is that it is my house, I have 2 small children - one who legs it at the slightest chance, or is often sat playing behind the door, the stairs are right in front of the door, I often go down naked to grab clothes off radiators etc, and at the end of the day, postmen shouldn't open the doors to houses unless there is some specific arrangement for it - it is entering a whole grey area for both parties, the same as gas men shouldn't just open the door to read the meter (also right by the front door).

dinny Sat 27-Oct-07 14:11:56

How can someone open your front door from outside? Have you not got a yale lock?

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