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Skipping and clapping rhymes

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turquoise Sun 24-Oct-04 14:25:16

Can anyone remember any of these? DD(6) is practising but cant remember many of the words, and brain dead mummy can only remember "3,6,9, the goose drank wine" one.
The only other one I can think of begins
"under the brown bush, under the sea.."
...that's all I can remember!
Any offers? She's desperate to join in with her friends but wants to know some off by heart.

spykid Sun 24-Oct-04 14:27:52

think its...'true love for you my darling , true love for me,
and we'll get married and raise a family,
so! under the brown bush, under the tree!'

spykid Sun 24-Oct-04 14:29:00

think at the end we all said ,sexy! and flashed our knickers(sure this is optional though!!)

turquoise Sun 24-Oct-04 14:31:11

Excellent! Dd (minx) will like that part! Thanks

prettycandles Sun 24-Oct-04 15:44:43

Fancy clapping:

Under the bramble bush down by the sea
Jonnie broke a bottle and he blamed it all on me!
I'll tell my Maaaaama
I'll tell my Paaaaapa
And Jonnie'll get a spanking on his
Om! Pah! Cha-cha-cha!

(Name) in the kitchen doing her knitting
How many stitches can she knit?
1, 2, 3, etc

The numbers are fast skipping, without the little jump in the middle.

KatieMac Sun 24-Oct-04 16:23:07

Under the shade of the blackberry tree (boom,boom,boom)
True love for you my darling
True Love for Me
We're getting married tomorrow My darling(boom,boom,boom)
Under the shade of my blackberry tree
Sea Shell Cockle shells
Blueberry blackberry Over

Then you do the alphabet and what ever letter you stumble on is made into a boys name

Then X & Y sitting in a tree
K i s s ing
Say Say my playmate
Won't you come home with me
And we can have some tea
And we'll be friends forever more (more more shut that door Cats having kittens on the kitchen floor)

I'm thinking - I might come up with more

Do you know A sailor went to sea sea sea?

Hausfrau Sun 24-Oct-04 18:51:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

turquoise Sun 24-Oct-04 18:56:02

What a great thread! Coddy's "do you check the archives" did make me wonder whether it had come up before but I didn't have time.

turquoise Sun 24-Oct-04 18:57:32

I mean Hausfrau's link is great - not my own thread

frogs Sun 24-Oct-04 19:43:43

This was v. risque when I was at school -- a slightly different version is doing the rounds at dd1's school in London:

Mary had a little lamb, she thought it rather silly
She threw it up into the air and caught it by its

Willy was a watchdog, lying in the grass,
Along came a bumblebee and stung him on the

Ask no questions, tell no lies,
I saw a policeman doing up his

Flies are a nuisance, bugs are worse,
And that is the end of my silly little verse.

KatieMac Sun 24-Oct-04 19:58:51

Suzy had a baby she called him sonny jim
she took him to the bath house to see if he could swim
Swam to the bottem swam to the top Suzy got excited and caught him by his

Cocktails cocktails two and six a glass .....
not sure what comes next

champs Sun 24-Oct-04 20:00:39

lol remember that one frogs!!

see see my baby,
I cannot play with you,
chicken pops and the measles too,
flushed down the drain pipe into the lavatory,
We'll be friends for ever more,
put your knickers on the kitchen floor


see see my baby,
under the apple tree,
my boyfriend said to me,
kiss me, cuddle me, tell me that you love me,
whats for dinner? turkey,
whats for afters? Jelly,
whats for drink? pepsi
what about me? sexy.

oh my goodness, and another:

down down baby down by the rollercoaster,
sweet sweet baby I'll never let you go,
please repeat, after me,
ice cream (ice cream)
soda pop (soda pop)
lets get the rythm on our hands (clapp twice)
lets get the rhyth on our feet (stamp twice)
lets get the rythm on our high horse (wiggle body)
lets get the rythm on our high horse (wiggle body)

champs Sun 24-Oct-04 20:01:22

clapping ones btw

Miaou Sun 24-Oct-04 20:02:45

I remember that one well, frogs!

One that was mentioned earlier (clapping rhyme):

Suzie my playmate
Won't you come and play with me
My father's got the flu
Chicken pox and measles too
Slide down the drainpipe
Onto the cellar floor
And we'll be happy there
Forever M - O - RE

It has a tune too but I'm finding that a little hard to get across here....

frogs Sun 24-Oct-04 20:05:33

I think this is a clapping one, or maybe just a silly rhyme:

What's the time? Half past nine.
Hang your knickers on the line.
When they're dry, bring them in,
Put them in the biscuit tin.
Eat your biscuit, eat your cake,
Eat your knickers by mistake.

champs Sun 24-Oct-04 20:06:18

on a mountain, stands a lady, who she is I do not know.
all she wants is gold and silver, all she wants is a fine young beau.

not last night but the night before,
24 robbers came knocking on the door,
i went downstairs to let them in, and this is what they said to me;
teddy bear teddy bear* turn around (turn while skipping)
teddy bear teddy bear touch the ground (touch ground)
teddy bear teddy bear, do the splits (splits)
teddy bear teddy bear do the kicks (everyone conuts howmany kicks skipper can do)
*or persons name.

champs Sun 24-Oct-04 20:07:29

lol, this all takes me back!!

Frizbe Sun 24-Oct-04 20:25:14

Is this a sailor went to sea?

A sailor went to sea, sea, sea,
to see what he could sea, sea, sea,
but all that he could sea, sea, sea,
was the bottom of the deep blue sea, sea, sea.

KBear Sun 24-Oct-04 20:31:28

Another version of champs' verses

See See my bonnie
i cannot play with you
my sister's got the flu
she caught it off of you
slide down my drainpipe
slide down my kitchen floor
and I will play with you
forever more, shut that door!!

linnet Sun 24-Oct-04 22:17:49

the clapping rhyme that we use to do went like this

under the bramble bushes down by the sea
boom boom boom
true love for you my darling
true love for me
and when we marry we'll have a family
a boy for you, a girl for me thats the way it's going to be
johnny broke a bottle and blamed it on me
I told ma
ma told pa
johnny got a spanking
ha ha ha

paolosgirl Sun 24-Oct-04 22:46:17

We used to do a clapping one called When Susie was a...starting with baby, then onto toddler, schoolgirl etc, ending with her dead. Teeanger was the best.

When Susie was a teenager, a teenager Susie was,
She went like this,
Ooh, aah, I've lost my bra,
I've left my knickers in my boyfriends car

Having GREAT fun teaching this to dd - she loves it!

mothernature Sun 24-Oct-04 22:52:18

When Suzie was a baby, a baby Suzie was, she went wah wah, wah wah wah,
When Suzie was a toddler, a toddler Suzie was she went ha ha, ha ha ha.
When Suzie was a school girl, a school girl Suzie was she went, Miss! Miss! I can't do this I don't know where my pencil is,
When Suzie was a teenager, a teenager Suzie was was she went kiss kiss, kiss kiss kiss,
When Suzie was a lady, a lady Suzie was she went stich stitch, stitch stitch stitch.
When Suzie was a Mother a mother Suzie was she went la la, la la la,
When Suzie was a grandma, a grandma Suzie was she went knit knit, knit knit knit.
When Suzie was a ghost a ghost Suzie was she went boo!

paolosgirl Sun 24-Oct-04 22:57:04

Oops, mothernature - you know the clean version

ExcessiveCandy Thu 03-Apr-14 20:04:38

The one I know is:

Under the bramble bush,
Go down by the sea,
True love for you, my darling,
True love for me,
We're getting married in St Patrick's,
A boy for me and a boy for you, hahaha.

lechers Tue 15-Apr-14 19:26:03

I think all of mine were dodgy...

First there was the extremely racist picking song...

Eenie, meanie, minie, mo, catch a...

Then there was the song about domestic violence:

My boyfriend gave me an apple, my boyfriend gave me a pear, my boyfriend gave me a kiss on the lips and kicked me down the stairs....

Then there was the song about teenage sex:

When Suzy was a school girl, she said miss, miss I can't do this, I've got my knickers in a great big twist.
When Suzy was a teenager ... She said "ooh, ah I've lost my bra, I've left my knickers in my boyfriend's car".

Yep, they were great songs in the 1980s grin

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