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Did the earth move for you last night?

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PamT Mon 23-Sep-02 08:27:31

No its not another sex survey, I was just wondering if anyone else felt the earthquake. I woke just before 1am and in my semi-comatose state heard a sort of rumbling/rattling noise. I asked DH what it was but he thought that it was probably just somehing falling over in our junk filled bedroom. He rolled over and went to sleep again and I carried on wondering and worrying. It wasn't until we heard the news this morning that we realised what it was. I bet the people nearer to the centre got a real shock but fortunately we were far enough away not to be affected too badly. Amazingly all three children slept right through it.

Its not something we really have to worry about in this country so it is more of a novelty I suppose.

SimonHoward Mon 23-Sep-02 09:02:32

There was an earthquake?

Philippat Mon 23-Sep-02 09:14:25

Pretty exciting for us (only 10 miles from epicentre) - I thought someone had driven into our house. Nothing damaged at home though, although thankless task ahead of me this morning checking through the gallery's stores to make sure no paintings suffered.

DD slept right through it although cat went a little mad cultimating in being spectacularly sick.

kkgirl Mon 23-Sep-02 09:20:58

we were woken up by a sort of rattling noise. I jumped out of bed thinking someone was trying to break into a car, then we both went back to sleep really tired after a bad day
Couldn't believe hearing it on the news this morning

Enid Mon 23-Sep-02 09:53:06

I live in Dorset and was woken up at about 1am thinking someone had jumped heavily on the balcony outside our window, the bed shook and the windows rattled, I had to pluck up courage to look outside and see if there was anyone there - wow, can't believe it must have been the earthquake, how exciting!

bundle Mon 23-Sep-02 09:55:31

didn't move for me in London, but I clearly remember a massive rumble back in the early 80's when I was up north, I think the epicentre was off Angelsey and my parents live nr Manchester. very exciting!

jodee Mon 23-Sep-02 12:23:03

Being in London, no. Trying to reach my brother who's in Birmingham - why isn't he answering his phone!!!!

I probably would have slept right through - as I did on the night of the 87 hurricane. Poor dh (I didn't know him then) was having a fine time on a ferry in the middle of the Channel and thought the end was nigh!

jodee Mon 23-Sep-02 12:23:04

Being in London, no. Trying to reach my brother who's in Birmingham - why isn't he answering his phone!!!!

I probably would have slept right through - as I did on the night of the 87 hurricane. Poor dh (I didn't know him then) was having a fine time on a ferry in the middle of the Channel and thought the end was nigh!

sb34 Mon 23-Sep-02 12:31:55

Message withdrawn

SueDonim Mon 23-Sep-02 13:11:35

Wow, an earthquake in England? How big was it? My DH has been in two earthquakes here in Indonesia recently, both about 5.2, and he didn't notice a thing!!!

PamT Mon 23-Sep-02 13:22:17

SueDonim, it was 4.8 We're about an hour's drive away from the centre so we just had a rumble and a rattle but people at the centre had power cuts and a few buildings and roads suffered cracks. Most of my friends and neighbours didn't feel it but I wish I had been more conscious to realise what it was at the time.

SueDonim Mon 23-Sep-02 15:50:48

Thanks, PamT. Sounds as though it was quite an exciting night for those who were awake.

WideWebWitch Mon 23-Sep-02 16:30:19

Blimey, I can't believe there was an earthquake in the UK last night! I thought the question was going to be about sex too on seeing the thread title and I was going to say YES! YES! YES!

ds will be interested, has been asking about earthquakes recently.

Tinker Mon 23-Sep-02 18:23:37

I'm really dispapointed. I felt nothing and I was still up watching the end of Casino.

I do remember the one in the early 80's though. I thought a train was crashing.

jodee - I also slept through the 87 hurricane, and I was staying overnight in London.

Ailsa Mon 23-Sep-02 18:26:04

DS & I were still awake when it happened, we're 25 miles away from the epicentre, all the windows and wardrobes were shaking. DS wouldn't go to sleep, he asked what happened and I had to try explaining to him what it was without actually knowing myself. I was more worried about it after finding out what happened than I was during.

According to the local radio station we should expect some aftershocks over the next few days.

bossykate Mon 23-Sep-02 18:55:51

tinker, you were probably too caught up in the movie! sharon stone's finest hour, imho. but is it as good as goodfellas?

sorry, way off topic!

Tinker Mon 23-Sep-02 19:06:46

bossykate - it's one of those films that I've never seen all the way through but know I would love. Loved Goodfellas as well. I'm sure I've got it on tape somewhere so will have to watch it properly. The ending was so brutal though - I actually felt I was going to throw-up. Really disturbing.

bea Mon 23-Sep-02 19:11:13

i think dd is like one of those dogs who can sense something is not right! as she work up at 12:35 and started having a hissy fit, i settle d her back down and she was back asleep by 12:50 and then the bed starting hopping all pver the place... it was very eerie... but i think because i was already awake i didn't think it was anything else except a tremor... although for a split second i did think dd had climbed out of the cot and fallen out!... we live in brum so we were right in it! i had to turn the radio on to listen to local news just to confirm it was a tremor!!... dh away at the moment so there was no-one to snuggle up to after!!... starngely enough dd stayed asleep all the way through!!!

ks Mon 23-Sep-02 19:19:59

Message withdrawn

XAusted Mon 23-Sep-02 19:24:55

South Derbyshire certainly trembled. I woke up thinking that lots of people were running through the house and making it shake. Got up to check on kids who were sleeping soundly then forgot about it till this morning. Dh was completely oblivious and I'm glad other people felt their houses shaking or he would think I was imagining it.

I heard a lady on the radio saying that she had had to comfort her young child who was frightened and that made her feel for mothers in Afghanistan during the recent bombing. How much harder it must have been for them to comfort their children.

bossykate Mon 23-Sep-02 19:32:49

there are definitely bits in both movies i just can't watch because they are so violent - have to cover my eyes!

for the record, we didn't feel the quake, *but* ds woke up very early crying uncontrollably (very unusual) so we are convinced he felt an aftershock!

helenmc Mon 23-Sep-02 20:01:22

We've about 90 mins away from Brum, and I woke up a) thinking one of the kids had fallen out of bed and was stagerring around bumping into things or b) after erading Emsiewill horrible day thread that some-one was rattling the door trying to get in. The kids this mroning resfused to believe me and even when I pointed the local headline I got 'well sometimes the papers lie'

Ailsa Mon 23-Sep-02 21:13:30

apparently there is an ancient fault line that is still quite active, which runs either side of the rock that Brum is built on.

robinw Mon 23-Sep-02 22:16:26

message withdrawn

leander Mon 23-Sep-02 22:17:30

No unfortunately!!

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