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I have just done the most horrendeous thing in the world!

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lisalisa Thu 11-Oct-07 10:37:32

Message withdrawn

southeastastra Thu 01-Nov-07 17:19:33

it happens automatically, i always come across mn threads whilst googling

lisalisa Thu 01-Nov-07 17:15:43

Message withdrawn

crayon Wed 17-Oct-07 21:29:43

Bumping because I can't bear this hilarious thread to end (sorry Lisalisa)

notjustmom Wed 17-Oct-07 11:01:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

popsycal Mon 15-Oct-07 13:16:05

OMG I have only just found this. I have been crying with laughter for the last ten minutes. It began with the telephone conversation picturing the cominc stepping towards the phone of the gaggle of teachers as ds utters 'but you know we shouldn't lie mummy', was worse imagining the pants being thrown round the dinner hall. Then I calmed a little until the 'at home' chat then was inconsolable with the chat with the teacher!!!

Doodle's pubes in the wedding poppers just finished me off. And then when Suzanne Mole was mentioned (who, incidently, I have beaten in many a dance competition as a child), I got a little bit of sick in my mouth from laughing so much.

Thanks - really needed a good laugh!

Wallace Sun 14-Oct-07 13:34:52

sympathies to lillyla btw, hers was not so funny

Wallace Sun 14-Oct-07 13:33:04

This thread is so funny grin

This knicker/swimming bag/lunchbag think seems to happen quite often Spooky coincidence don't you think!

mumofDJ Sun 14-Oct-07 13:18:45

oh my goodness it really can be found on google!! oh my goodness!!!!

OMGhelp Sun 14-Oct-07 10:06:03

I woke up first, lazy cup of tea on a Sunday morning and had a MN trawl and found this wonderful thread. My DH came in and found me with legs crossed and tears running down my face, laughing so much I was choking.
And yes it is on Google. lisalisa knickers

You are famous! or should that be infamous.

Thank you Lisa.

mumofDJ Sun 14-Oct-07 09:35:30

yes, youre the MSN pal spookybexieboo!!!! Dropping you right in it!! tee hee x x x grin

SpOOkyBexiebOO Sun 14-Oct-07 09:33:31


mumofDJ Sun 14-Oct-07 09:22:31

aw man i havent laughed so much for AGES X X X X X X even showed my DH whos a teacher and he was ending himself - I didnt even see this thread for myself lol a mumsnet pal MSN'd me......grin

crayon Sat 13-Oct-07 11:05:36

Lisalisa - your nanny isn't Katrina Wilkinson is she? wink

BenandJerrysRule Sat 13-Oct-07 08:53:41

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha you just can't make that up !! Poor thing you

NannyL Sat 13-Oct-07 00:02:34

have just LMAOed at whole thread grin

shock at even suggesting te knickers were the nannies hmm

lillyla Fri 12-Oct-07 23:24:05

will start another thread, me thinks!

lillyla Fri 12-Oct-07 23:23:02


So are any other of you mums excited about the day of sport tomorrow? Or is it just me?

littlelapin Fri 12-Oct-07 23:02:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheEvilDediderata Fri 12-Oct-07 23:01:11

I think we're spoiling an MN classic with our small talk.

We should remove to other threads, methinks.

TheEvilDediderata Fri 12-Oct-07 23:01:10

I think we're spoiling an MN classic with our small talk.

We should remove to other threads, methinks.

TheEvilDediderata Fri 12-Oct-07 23:00:07

If I was her husband .....

littlelapin Fri 12-Oct-07 22:58:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lillyla Fri 12-Oct-07 22:58:02

Oh and yes GO JONNY can't wait for tomorrow - footie and Rugger!!

SatanGeorge Fri 12-Oct-07 22:58:01

Snurk. With safe search on there are only 3 items, 2 of them are MN grin

TheEvilDediderata Fri 12-Oct-07 22:57:20

Ha ha! I see what you mean. Good old Cali grin

<I think we're going to stuff them tomorrow, just like we did in the semi-finals four years ago>

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