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I have just done the most horrendeous thing in the world!

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lisalisa Thu 11-Oct-07 10:37:32

Message withdrawn

lillyla Fri 12-Oct-07 22:57:19

Girls, only just read the whole thread from start to finish! My Fridays will never be the same again - how funny! What a shame it was spoilt by that kat person - never mind I'm sure she's sitting at home reading as we speak! So lisalisa you don't want to be famous then??

littlelapin Fri 12-Oct-07 22:55:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheEvilDediderata Fri 12-Oct-07 22:54:37

<goes back to check>

I mean, I saw the MN thread on Google, but not on images. OK, let's try again.

<and England for the cup!!>

littlelapin Fri 12-Oct-07 22:48:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheEvilDediderata Fri 12-Oct-07 22:40:23

Well, I have moderate safe search on mine, and I can't find anything.

Just to give you a modicum of comfort.

Lisalisa seems to be a popular name, though! Then again, I haven't googled mine!!

bumperlicious Fri 12-Oct-07 22:31:01

Lolala, our children are all neglected! Social services need only go to mumsnet towers to find their whole caseload!

littlelapin Fri 12-Oct-07 22:28:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

susiecutie Fri 12-Oct-07 22:24:37

Good god! I have just googled... shock shock


it;ll be ok poppet, it will go away eventually. wink

crayon Fri 12-Oct-07 22:11:57

I hope Lisalisa isn't a irl nickname too - try googling 'Lisalisa knickers' shock

newgirl Fri 12-Oct-07 19:54:57

ah yes the clues of a could do with cleaning, lots of toast for lunch, aversion to crocs, and lots of boden sale bargains

and a knowing smirk if people talk about whats in their kids lunchbag

flowerybeanbag Fri 12-Oct-07 19:23:04

lolala welcome.

When mumsnetting it is essential to develop excellent multi-tasking abilities.

Or alternatively you can delegate your entire job, teach your children self-sufficiency and live in a pile of dust..


It's addictive you know!

LittleMissTroubled Fri 12-Oct-07 19:20:49

Lisa, bet you didnt think your knickers would make you this famous! i was just telling my friend over the phone and we were crying laughing.

Soon you will be able to go to exclusive clubs and say at the door 'dont you know who i am? lisalisaknickers!' grin

Lolala Fri 12-Oct-07 19:14:11

New to this site. Recommended by a friend and just flicked through the story. Very amusing but how do you find the time to do this and hold down your job and manage the children??

LittleMissTroubled Fri 12-Oct-07 19:11:39

lol @ littlelapin's limerick!

flowerybeanbag Fri 12-Oct-07 19:07:50

PMSL at the poetry, and at the link to Katwilko's thread as well.

Who's Suzanne Mole when she's at home then??

orangehead Fri 12-Oct-07 18:28:56

oh lisa, well done u so brave. Thanks 4 sharing

SpookyBearistheSpookyBear Fri 12-Oct-07 18:24:17

OMG sorry, wrong thread...

SpookyBearistheSpookyBear Fri 12-Oct-07 18:22:29

I bought a very firm breast feeding cushion, recommended to me by a breast feeding consultant at Kings, and it was the BEST thing I bought.

Cost about £35 but meant that I breastfed DD1 when otherwise I would have given up within days.

callmeovercautious Fri 12-Oct-07 18:17:07


And just read the link to Katwilko - shame someone else was trolling on HER thread! And what a poor taste thread it was too!

Nice to know you reap what you sow.

littlelapin Fri 12-Oct-07 17:58:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Budcat Fri 12-Oct-07 17:33:19

Good one LisaLisa. There for the grace of God...It will be forgotton by Monday. Have laughed until I cried my mascara away and now missed a deadline. B**r!


Bessie123 Fri 12-Oct-07 17:32:23

This is a good find - most mumsnet threads I have seen are full of humourless, prissy killjoys; thanks for the laughs, Lisalisa grin

DoctorFrankenSquonk Fri 12-Oct-07 16:53:22

"those nicks you see they belong to the boy"

fantastic line grin

bumperlicious Fri 12-Oct-07 16:50:59

brilliant, so funny had to read your posts out to dh. as for mrs "we put all our dirty laundry straight in the machine", well I hope one of her dc's puts a red sock in with her white egytian cotton beadspreads!

Meglet Fri 12-Oct-07 16:27:44

lisalisa, at least it's the weekend. No school for a couple of days. Maybe you could get a memory zapping thingy (like on Men in Black) and do the whole school? No one will ever know.........

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