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I have just done the most horrendeous thing in the world!

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lisalisa Thu 11-Oct-07 10:37:32

Message withdrawn

morningpaper Thu 11-Oct-07 10:39:54




LilyLoo Thu 11-Oct-07 10:40:02

grin oh dear offending item may have already been retrieved, could even be stuck too flask !!!!!!! wink

DoctorFrankenSquonk Thu 11-Oct-07 10:40:03

<<<tries very hard not to snigger uproariously>>>

uh oh!

I suspect that a pretend dental appointment may be appropriate

morningpaper Thu 11-Oct-07 10:40:40

Just go in and say "I'm sorry, I think I left my purse in DS's lunchbag by mistake, can I get it?"

and hope they don't watch


harleyweendemon Thu 11-Oct-07 10:41:21

oh i am sorry


LilyLoo Thu 11-Oct-07 10:41:38

When would he have a drink ?

Hallgerda Thu 11-Oct-07 10:41:51

No. Just ring the school office, tell them he's taken the wrong bag so doesn't have his PE kit/lunch/whatever excuse will get you access wink, then go and replace the wrong bag by the right one before anyone notices. You have time. Good luck!

seeker Thu 11-Oct-07 10:42:15

I would go along to school and pretend that I'd sent ds with the wrong flask - and retrieve it from whatever unsavoury holding pen they keep their lunches in, palm knickers then say "Oh silly me - it is the right lunch after all. Bye all!"

then back out of classroom grinning and waving inanely.

pirategirl Thu 11-Oct-07 10:42:22

lily loo lol @ stuck to the flask.

god sounds like soemthing i would do in the mad rush.

You have to go to the school, and just take another flask of water, saying yu were sure you hadn't put a drink in for your child, and quickly do a swap.

twojags Thu 11-Oct-07 10:42:35

I would make an excuse and say ds1 'had picked up the wrong bag' or something

EllHell Thu 11-Oct-07 10:43:06


(And thanks for making me laugh grin!)

seeker Thu 11-Oct-07 10:43:24

But whatever you do - do something! He'll be in therapy for years if you don't and it'll cost you a fortune!

twojags Thu 11-Oct-07 10:44:26

Reminds me of my friend last winter getting her ds's coat out of the tumble drier for school and having to chase him into school because there was a black lacy thong attached to the hood.....!

LilyLoo Thu 11-Oct-07 10:44:42

Hopefully ds won't recognise they are yours ?

EllHell Thu 11-Oct-07 10:44:54

LOL @ 'stuck to flask'.

If this was one of my dds they'd be waving pants about over their heads going 'Oh look, my mum's left her knickers in here!' (Not to worry you or anything... wink)

NurseyJo Thu 11-Oct-07 10:45:25

Message withdrawn

geekgirl Thu 11-Oct-07 10:46:28

blimey! ROFL gringrin

hope you're on your way to school, protecting your son from something that can only be resolved by years of therapy in adulthood grin

sorry, still LOL

princessmelBABY Thu 11-Oct-07 10:47:30

Go to school and just get the knickers. You don't need to get ds aswell. Say something else was left in lunchbag. Or say you forgot to give him part of his lunch.
But at ds's school you would just hand it to the lady in the office and she'd take it to him. Not sure if you'd be allowed in the classroom.

SaintJude Thu 11-Oct-07 10:50:57

PMSL grin

CrushWithEyeliner Thu 11-Oct-07 10:51:21

oh i hope she get's them in time! grin

DoctorFrankenSquonk Thu 11-Oct-07 10:53:09

you must get into the classroom.

you must get those knickers!

harleyweendemon Thu 11-Oct-07 10:53:12

just tell the nice lady in the office that you have accidently send ds to school with your kickers for his lunch and you need to rectify the situation immediatly grin

coppertop Thu 11-Oct-07 10:54:25

ROFL at this thread.

I hope it's not like our school where the secretary would just ask you to hand over the replacement lunch and then send it to the class themselves. Parents generally aren't allowed in during the day unless it's to speak to staff. <snigger>

CappuScreamO Thu 11-Oct-07 10:54:54

complain to the school

"my son is being bullied some boys have put some dirty pants in his bag"

"what are you going to do about it"

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