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why do you support the team you do??

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zubb Mon 18-Oct-04 11:24:41

I support the football team that my family have always supported, and that I was taken to see loads as a kid, but I have never lived there as my parents moved away before I was born. I would love my kids to support them too (dh would disagree!) but can also see the argument for them supporting the local team as they are the team that they would be able to see more of.
So, why do you support the team that you do?

Davros Mon 18-Oct-04 14:03:37

I think living locally to your team is a great benefit, I used to be a regular at QPR and loved it (lapsed thank god!). DH has always supported Spurs as his father before him, but also it was the easiest and nearest to get to. You do see the same faces if you can go all the time and get to feel like you belong. An ex of mine supported Man Utd (ugh) and we used to go quite often but almost every match was like an away match.

MrsWednesday Mon 18-Oct-04 15:29:14

I went to see my team with my best friend and her family, and it just felt right. I'd been to see my dad's team but as I didn't have any link to the area at all (apart from him obviously) I felt like a bit of an outsider.

My team was fairly local to where I lived at the time, so I wasn't exactly a glory seeker (and we're now in the second division so I would be seeking very hard to find any glory these days). It will be a tough one for me when my DS gets older - I would like him to follow my team but if he choses his local team I would have to support him in that, even though they are hated rivals!

Lesle Mon 18-Oct-04 15:36:25

What a great thread. My instinct is that you 'should' support the team from where you come from and both me and DH do (him more avidly than me but I still feel a connection with the team as they're my home town). We don't live near either of these so potentially DS will support a different team again but I know that really we would both love for him to support our teams! Hypocritical, I know

The only problem is, if Fulham move then DS' nearest team will be Chelski

Still, he's only one and may hate football and all those arguments will have been for nothing!

JoolsToo Mon 18-Oct-04 15:39:23

Only THE greatest football team in the land - lost count of how many times we've won the league - all I know is its that many times we've had to let Arsenal win a couple of times cos we're like that - charitable In fact I think we've won every trophy going!

zubb Mon 18-Oct-04 15:44:02

but JoolsToo - why do you support them? were they your local team, or was it a family connection?

Twinkie Mon 18-Oct-04 15:44:34

Least you can't be called a Glory Chaser anymore Jools!!!

Let it go girl Liverpool were once great and they have realised that they are no longer - think you should take a leaf

Lesle Mon 18-Oct-04 15:45:06

and do you have a 4WD?

Lesle Mon 18-Oct-04 15:47:43

btw - in case you're wondering I support Wolves who are a lesson to all to enjoy the glory days whilst you have them!

MrsWednesday Mon 18-Oct-04 15:51:40

And I support Sheffield Wednesday - think we are doing a 'Wolves' and dropping through the divisions at a rapid rate of knots.

zubb Mon 18-Oct-04 15:52:52

lesle - thats the other thing though isn't it! I would hate my kids to support a team because they were winning things as they got into football - thinking of all the forest fans of a certain age , unless of course it was the local team (but thats unlikely!).

yingers74 Mon 18-Oct-04 15:56:03

Tottenham hotspurs is my team. I grew up in tottenham so have always supported them, they are doing well at the moment which is pretty great. My dh is an arsenal supporter so who our dd and any future kids support will be an interesting decision!!!!!

zubb Mon 18-Oct-04 15:59:04

oh god yingers - thats a difficult one. Do you still live in North London? if not you may have to go for the local team to stop the arguments!

My family have been working on both dss since birth to make sure that they support our team!

Lesle Mon 18-Oct-04 16:01:19

indeed Zubb - or the squillion of glory hunting ManUites around the world.

the local team might be the most straightforward answer or he could become torn between me and his Blackburn supporting dad!

I'm just waiting to see who buys him his first football top - I don't think either of us will but his uncle and grandpa support Wolves and his godfather supports Blackburn.

All I can say is, at least we're both agreed on England

zubb Mon 18-Oct-04 16:09:28

we don't agree on that either ! poor kids!

Yorkiegirl Mon 18-Oct-04 16:12:51

Message withdrawn

JoolsToo Mon 18-Oct-04 16:24:54

Zubb/Twinkie - Manchester born and bred - dh and dd and 2 ds's all Reds! - Twinkie - we're bathed in SOOOOO much glory we have to bring in the subsitutes to help clean the silver ware

JoolsToo Mon 18-Oct-04 16:25:56

and Twinkie - NEVER mention the 'L' team in the same sentence as the Glorious Red Devils

zubb Mon 18-Oct-04 16:27:01

so were your family reds as well? or did you choose red over blue?

Lesle Mon 18-Oct-04 16:29:31

zubb - this is clearly a subject dear to your heart. Do I sense you're trying to build your case??? What are the options for your kids?

zubb Mon 18-Oct-04 16:34:32

no just interested really, as I see so many kids walking round town in Man Utd or Arsenal kits.

Also wonder how many generations you can go on supporting a team because your family once lived there. My kids will be saying that they support a team because their grandparents & great grandparents etc lived there - which is a bit weird.

My case was built before we had kids, as we have a football / rugby split!

JoolsToo Mon 18-Oct-04 16:53:23

zubb - must confess dad was a blue - but what can I do in a house full of reds - supported them since I was 18 though

Lesle Mon 18-Oct-04 16:56:55

fair enough zubb but i'm v. intrigued...who are this magical team that have inspired generations of zubbs?

Davros Mon 18-Oct-04 17:37:47

I've got a t-shirt my sister gave to DH that says "love football, hate Arsenal" and I have been known to wear it when we go trampolining at the Sobell Centre, very near to Osama's favourite team

zubb Mon 18-Oct-04 17:37:48

you would be very dissapointed!! same division as yours, and same first letter!!

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