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Crystal Palace FC

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jodee Mon 18-Oct-04 11:18:56

Nothing to discuss - had no idea there was a new Sports Section and can't stand Arsenal! <<need a Boring Highbury Library emoticon in here !!>>

Jodee Sun 24-Oct-04 22:45:11

I don't care, I'm posting on my own thread!
Palace beat West Brom 3-0 yesterday, woooo hoooo!
<scuttling back to my ironing now>

GeorginaA Mon 25-Oct-04 00:07:12


[you're not alone]

jodee Mon 25-Oct-04 10:02:27

GeorginaA - a kindred spirit at last!

CathB Tue 02-Nov-04 12:33:09

Jodeee - Grrr! That match has set off a chain of events that has led to us possibly being lumbered with Glenn Hoddle.

Despite this, I am pleased to see one of the promoted teams beginning to get it together, just wish it was us (resigned sigh..)

karen99 Mon 10-Jan-05 19:55:23

Not Crystal Palace, but a Watford supporter here!

We're off to play Liverpool in the semi-final tomorrow. Dh has got the day of work.. but guess who's baby-sitting

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