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whos got 3 under 4 or 5 or more kids??

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nappyaddict Fri 05-Oct-07 12:14:52

i just got sent this email by practical parenting:

"Hello all - I hope you are all well.

I'm looking for a mum who has three children under four for an article I wrote a little while ago some of you helped me with about how many children is best.

I'm also looking for mums of five or more. All it would involve would be a short phone chat and you will need to send me a pic of your children.

Thanks for your help. If you would rather not be contacted in this way, please let me know and I will take your name off my list.

Best Wishes,


if anyone would like to take part the email address is

pyjamagirlgotbitbyvampires Fri 05-Oct-07 12:17:53

I have 5 kids

nappyaddict Fri 05-Oct-07 12:20:40

she's a lovely lady. i helped her do an article on BLW a while back. give her an email if you are interested.

Poppetypie Fri 05-Oct-07 12:20:45

I've got 3 under 4, did you do it last time NA?

nappyaddict Fri 05-Oct-07 12:25:14

yes i have helped her do articles in the past but this one i'm not qualified for.

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