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This had made my year

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hifi Wed 03-Oct-07 22:25:13

Walking back from nursery with dd, see police officer sat on a wall behind bus shelter, another police officer stood infront of bus shelter writting something down. walked nearer and noticed rolls of stickers on the floor, walked past bus stop and saw youth peeling stickers off bus shelter. I mentioned to officers what a good idea it was to make the youth clear up the vanalism he had caused, po asked wether i thaught it would be better just to book him at the station? oh no let him carry on. and they did, probably still there with the amount he had stuck on, hundreds. dd and i skipped home.

gingeme Wed 03-Oct-07 22:27:51

Excelent. Bet he won't do that againgrin

Piffle Wed 03-Oct-07 22:41:52

typical repressing the artistic creativity of todays youth. No wonder they are all disaffected and drink Hooch

hifi Wed 03-Oct-07 23:08:48

oh no piffle do you think i pissed on his bonfire?

sKerryMum Wed 03-Oct-07 23:17:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moondog Wed 03-Oct-07 23:19:53

Now.if they factored in 40 lashes,I'd be made up. grin

Piffle Thu 04-Oct-07 10:00:23

nah I was being sarcastic ;)

Piffle Thu 04-Oct-07 10:00:47

40 lashes MD? is that a new mascara then grin

hifi Thu 04-Oct-07 10:54:30

piffle lol

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