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can you have a test to see if you have started the

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2shoescreepingthroughblood Tue 02-Oct-07 17:14:19


giraffeski Tue 02-Oct-07 17:15:41

Message withdrawn

DoctorFrankenSquonk Tue 02-Oct-07 17:15:54

you having hot flushes, medear?

2shoescreepingthroughblood Tue 02-Oct-07 18:48:51

so who do you ask? I am goint to the FP for a smear in a couple of weeks. wil they be able to help?

lizziemun Tue 02-Oct-07 20:17:31

You could ask you r GP for a blood test to check your hormone levels.

2shoescreepingthroughblood Tue 02-Oct-07 21:11:17

thanks wasn't sure who to ask.

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