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Weekend Field Trips, what to pack ?

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LIZS Tue 02-Oct-07 11:45:10

ds is having an outdoor activity weekend (Fri-Mon) with the school. We have a rough kit list but no idea of specific quantities ie long sleeved tops. How much/many would you send , and will half come back unworn anyway !

sasquatch Tue 02-Oct-07 12:00:54

ds just left this a.m until fri. he took 1 change of trousers/sweatshirt/t.shirt. gloves unders for 3 days. 4x socks.Spare trainers, w/proof trs. and jacket. swimming trunks towel,washbag, torch, batteries,compass.They are not camping so I left out p.j's, sleeping in boxers and t.
They are cycling so I cut it to bare minimum. He goes on camp a fair amount and from experience only changes clothes when they are wet/mud caked.I think 2 spares of long sleeve top and a spare fleece is ok.
I think it also depends if your ds is walking carrying his stuff,how much he feels the cold and how likely staff are to encourage them to change. good luck.

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