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berolina Mon 01-Oct-07 01:26:58

Wanted to email you just now but I've lost your email

Do you have mine, or failing that, one you can post for me (mine is extremely identifying - esp given that I think I am the only person in the world with my surname)?


nappynuttynormabutty Mon 01-Oct-07 01:31:49

Ok, I'm wondering what your surname might be now grin

berolina Mon 01-Oct-07 01:33:13

grin It's a double barrel, made up of a pretty common English and a pretty unusual German name. Google says there's only me

nappynuttynormabutty Mon 01-Oct-07 01:41:36

Well that'll keep me entertained for the night grin

tribpot Mon 01-Oct-07 07:07:09

Ooh! Sorry - only just noticed this! A thread with my name on, woot!

Try this one: tribunicia underscore potestas at hotmail dot com.

Don't think that gives me away very much

tribpot Mon 01-Oct-07 07:15:05

Btw, I think my ds wanted to keep your ds2 company - night before last he woke up crying at 5:15 and couldn't get back to sleep, last night he woke up at midnight and spent most of the night in our bed, meaning I've had about 4 hours' sleep perched on the edge of the bed (dh naturally oblivious to all).

What a great day at work this is going to be ... <groans quietly and slinks off>

berolina Mon 01-Oct-07 08:27:35

thank you will n doubt get chance tonight...

hope today goes well despite sleep deprivation - many sympathies

berolina Tue 02-Oct-07 16:25:37

trib - I had sleep last night shock very very broken but over 6 hours shock in total. Hence no email soon though!

tribpot Tue 02-Oct-07 23:23:40

Bero, I am shocked - shocked - to my very core that you prioritised sleep over emailing moi.

Somehow I will make it through the night, but I do not expect a repeat performance wink

That's code for: whenever suits you, lovey. I am just doing the thing.

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