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guess what i am going to do now.....

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pollywollydoodle Sat 29-Sep-07 14:49:50

DD is at mums, hubby is at footy and i am going to put my jimjams on, go up to my nice snuggly bed and read a book in a pre-having children stylie ....there may be chocolate involved too....grin

anyone able to join me (in a virtual way of course

nell12 Sat 29-Sep-07 14:51:39

Wow! Lucky you!

Now get off mumsnet and get up those stairs before you get sucked into a debate on naked children, pyrex dishes or suchlike and before you know it, the house will be full again!

Enjoy smile

pollywollydoodle Sat 29-Sep-07 14:53:34

the pyrex dish one is tempting....grin

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