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Is anyone else a RUGBY WIDOW this evening?

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HighlandFling Fri 28-Sep-07 21:10:46

I have just had the Rugby v Bucket full of French and Saunders battle. I won!! I am now chortling away while DH has been ejected to the pub to do his 'uni-clapping' (has anyone else encountered this strange male-sport-watching-phenomenon?) out of sight/sound of me. Hooray!

faylisa Fri 28-Sep-07 21:12:38

My DH has been banished to the pub to watch it too - I really can't stand to watch another minute

Is it very wrong of me to be secretly hoping England lose tonight and don't go any frther in the competition?? (I suspect it is!)

fridaynightrocks Fri 28-Sep-07 21:13:42

Both DHs (two if us here not into bigetry! (sp???)) watching as we drink and MN

HighlandFling Fri 28-Sep-07 21:15:14

You naughty naughty wife! I am scottish (obviously!) and have more reason than some to scorn the English team. I dutifully sent him off to the pub with a 'Hope you win' (Come on-n-n-n Toga!!!)

Boogalooblue Fri 28-Sep-07 21:16:11

Another 'YES' from the sitting room indicates that England are faring rather better than the first couple of games grin

HighlandFling Fri 28-Sep-07 21:16:25

Clearly several glasses of white wine have been consumed since DH departed (errr 10 mins agoo...)

Boogalooblue Fri 28-Sep-07 21:16:43

Bigotry by the way wink

fridaynightrocks Fri 28-Sep-07 21:20:33

Thanks, that's how I spelt it first tiime but it looked all wrong!

Heathcliffscathy Fri 28-Sep-07 21:21:12

yes i am. a rugby widow

Tutter Fri 28-Sep-07 21:21:51

tonighty i am an Oyster Widow

HighlandFling Fri 28-Sep-07 21:22:38

So, come on, do any of you experience this strange mysterious single clap that seems to mean something serous is brewing on the pitch. I jump out of my skin sometimes when DH is at it.

Indith Fri 28-Sep-07 21:22:50

Dp hogging the TV with Rugby. I'm on the sofa warming my feet on him while playing on MN. In fact Rugby gives me much uninterrupted MN Tues and Thurs, matches Sat afternoon and now the World Cup! Got me a trip to France to see my gran too as she lives opposite the stadium in Bordeaux.

HighlandFling Fri 28-Sep-07 21:23:34

Tutter, I have visions of you in a room on your own while your DP sits at a candle-lit table scoffing oysters alone to his hearts content...

Heathcliffscathy Fri 28-Sep-07 21:23:41

dh shouting a lot at the ref. but he is supporting tonga.

unknownrebelbang Fri 28-Sep-07 21:24:04

I would be a rugby widow, alas I'm a work widow instead.

DS2 however is excitedly keeping me uptodate with the score.

DumbledoresGirl Fri 28-Sep-07 21:24:42

Banishing dh to the pub? Why didn't I think of that? I am banished to another room as he hogs the tv every night he is home. angry

Tutter Fri 28-Sep-07 21:24:54


unfortunately i am in my sitting room with my FIL

while DH in galway at an oyster festival being schmoozed

Heathcliffscathy Fri 28-Sep-07 21:25:25

tutter that is should be with him to reap the late night benefits!

Tutter Fri 28-Sep-07 21:26:16

sophable i am postnatal

reaping not compatible with my nights atm grin

HighlandFling Fri 28-Sep-07 21:26:54

Oh dear, oh dear Tutter. A truly unenviable situation to be in.

DumbledoresGirl Fri 28-Sep-07 21:27:06

OH my dh isn't willing the English on. He is Australian and hoping they will lose. All I hear is occasional tirades at the refereeing, but that is par for the course for dh.

BTW, don't you mean bigamy rather than bigotry?

pinkbubble Fri 28-Sep-07 21:27:54

Wish my DH would go to the pub to watch the rugby, I dont just feel a rugby widow but at the moment a any form of sports widow!!!!sad DH has been in his element these last few weeks, he does make me laugh especially when he comes out with the classic line of "I dont ask for much, but please dont talk now, I'm watching 'Z' sport, if you keep on talking, then you will have to go to bed!" What a cheek!!!!! Wouldnt mind but DDs are playing quietly with Polly Pockets in livingroom, minding their own business!

One weekend DH thought he had gone to heaven there was so much sport on, one very happy man! bless!!!!!! NOT!

themoon66 Fri 28-Sep-07 21:28:22

DH is in sitting room shrieking at the Rugby. I'm other side of glass doors in study, MNing happily.

themoon66 Fri 28-Sep-07 21:29:31

Just glanced at him. He is so tense he is actually rocking backwards and forwards.

DumbledoresGirl Fri 28-Sep-07 21:30:33

Hiya pinkbubble. Your dh sounds very polite and positively considerate compared with mine. He shouts at the children if they utter a single word when he watches sport. I mean, does he have to hear every single word of a rugby match commentary? let alone the Grand Prix!

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