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What was your favourite childhood sweet?

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sallystrawberry Wed 13-Oct-04 19:09:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

blossomhill Wed 13-Oct-04 19:09:22

toffe crumble - yum!

marthamoo Wed 13-Oct-04 19:25:37

Do you remember Spangles? What flavour were the brown ones? They tasted like cough mixture.

popsycal Wed 13-Oct-04 19:26:57


Amfs Wed 13-Oct-04 19:27:12

penny mojos .. you got 2 for a penny at our local shop

quite liked that sherbert stuff that used to pop on your tongue ... space dust?

we have an olde fashioned sweet shop that just opened in our neck of the woods .... ooo nostalgia city .. you see parents dragging their offspring in there

popsycal Wed 13-Oct-04 19:28:33

retro sweets

Angeliz Wed 13-Oct-04 19:28:34

It was a yellowy coloured hard caramel/toffee covered in chocolate and i used to put them in the freezer and it lasted ages!!!

paolosgirl Wed 13-Oct-04 19:29:36

Pacers (always bought for long car journeys in our house for some reason; Spangles; 2-for-1p fruit salads and blackjacks. I can taste them now...

popsycal Wed 13-Oct-04 19:29:38

where are they now?

dawnie1 Wed 13-Oct-04 19:33:31

flying saucers yyyuuummmmmmmyy

lou33 Wed 13-Oct-04 19:35:14

coconut mushrooms

pepsi Wed 13-Oct-04 19:35:18

I used to like Space Dust and some other sugar stuff, might have been Rainbow something. I also used to love a chocolate bar called I think Cabana, it was coconut with a caramel topping. It had cherries in it too and was covered in chocolate, it was gorgeous but no one I know remembers it.

lou33 Wed 13-Oct-04 19:35:35

ooh yes I loved blackjacks, and still do.

tammybear Wed 13-Oct-04 19:36:20

does anyone remember the chocolate bar called secret? i really loved those but they havent been around since

nutcracker Wed 13-Oct-04 19:36:40

Flying saucers

Lowryn Wed 13-Oct-04 19:39:22

Oh yes, Pacers...mmmmm!
I still remember the advert with people wearing green and white striped clothes, and a girl on roller skates...fixated, me?

melsy Wed 13-Oct-04 19:39:44

Angeliz , I saw the title and Iwas like what were those chewy orangy bars with chocolat round them , wowow TEXANS . I want one NOW!!!! will have to look at some links to see if there are any.

lunavix Wed 13-Oct-04 19:48:51

I loved rowntrees fruit gums when they were still hard and got stuck in your teeth, they were my sisters pregnancy craving too!
I also used to love cherry lips, the tiny hard floral ones

CountessDracula Wed 13-Oct-04 19:52:47

Barley sugar twists with chocolate in the middle, the long ones

And rhubarb and custards

krocket Wed 13-Oct-04 19:53:04

palma violets (although they had a strange perfum flavour)
pacers were fab too

CountessDracula Wed 13-Oct-04 19:53:15

Oh also Musk Sticks (for the aussies amongst you)

KangaMummy Wed 13-Oct-04 19:53:53

snap lou coconut mushrooms

you can buy them in M&S but they are really small

krocket Wed 13-Oct-04 19:54:25

how about this for a site then?!!

a quarter of

Kayleigh Wed 13-Oct-04 19:55:47

Countess Dracula what happened to you lunchtime ?We purposely chose a venue below ground with no natural light for you and you still don't show. Twinkie & I are starting to take it personally

krocket Wed 13-Oct-04 19:58:28

look look it tells you what happened to spangles and pacers AND you can buy coconut mushrooms lou33 whatever happened to?

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