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R4 prog on building demolition - makes me want to revisit those WTC building collapse questions...

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WendyWeber Wed 26-Sep-07 22:15:24

Here - no listen again though

According to this programme it is incredibly techie and difficult to make any building collapse quickly and neatly in more or less its own footprint, even with controlled explosions, let alone without them...

But we are supposed to believe that WTC1 & 2 did just that, within an hour or so of being smacked into by jetliners full of fuel; and that WTC8 also did it, after a couple of relatively minor internal fires and a few more hours.


LieselVentouse Thu 27-Sep-07 10:40:09

A few minutes after the planes smashed into them my dad (structural engineer) phoned me and said "hope they dont send to many firecrews in case they will collapse". These buildings were builts stronger at the top because of wind - think about it half the building was on fire and crumbling rapidly - what do you think would happen?

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