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Why, oh WHY must M&S display CHOCOLATE in the Childrens Clothing department?

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StarryStarryNight Wed 26-Sep-07 21:02:30

And within easy reach of small hands?

Chocolate and Clothes?

I am sick of finding my son hiding behind underwear/costumes/uniform munching chocolate.

And then some member of staff will say, "oh, you've got to let mummy pay for that".

Yeah right.

And I am NOT about to keep him strapped and yelling in the pushchair just to prevent him from eating, and then sneakily wipe his hands and mouth on the clothes.....

But, what if he had an allergy?

southeastastra Wed 26-Sep-07 21:06:20

do they? that sounds like a genius marketing idea but completely wrong of course

hotcrumpets Wed 26-Sep-07 21:08:44

AArrrrggghhh, this really pees me off.

I had a similar thing with DD last week, we go into Tesco express and right at her height a the till are Makka Pakka toys from ITNG. She starts asking for one OBVIOUSLY, I said no £4.99 for a tiny little teddy, she starts tantruming.

The manager then turns round to the cashier and says all jokey 'see I told you that was the best place to put them' angry

LMAO at image of your DS hiding in the clothes and eating his choc though!

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