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Talk to me about pushchairs ,go on you know you want to!

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Beauregard Tue 25-Sep-07 20:41:14

Mine has buckled.
I need a sturdy pushchair pref 3 wheeler with adjustable handle height(as me very tall)
I have no idea how heavy dd2 is,just heavygrin
She is a tall 21 months.
Does such a pushchair exsist on a budget?

MrsBadger Tue 25-Sep-07 20:47:47

do you offroad?

the Maclaren MX3 is reputed to have one of the longest seat units, has adjustable handle, dream to push but solid tyres and not fantastic suspension compared to
(eg) Jane Slalom.
Tis a non-ridiculous £150 in John Lewis so must be cheaper elsewhere online.

Beauregard Tue 25-Sep-07 20:58:34

Thanks MrsB

We occasionally go off road yes.
So Jane Slalom is worth a look at then?
I need a pushchair fast .

MrsBadger Tue 25-Sep-07 21:05:18

slalom damned pricey though - £300 ish

or get a secondhand one - consider also Mountain Buggy Urban or Phil & Ted's

Beauregard Tue 25-Sep-07 21:06:51

Er they aren't cheap either i don't expect.

MrsBadger Tue 25-Sep-07 21:07:04

(NB we take the mx3 on tracks and paths, across grass etc, tis fine, but not actually through fields, up hills, on beaches)

Beauregard Tue 25-Sep-07 21:07:52

I don't want to spend a lot because dd wont get the use from it iykwim.

MrsBadger Tue 25-Sep-07 21:12:31

for sale board on here?

Beauregard Tue 25-Sep-07 21:16:53

Yes will go look
Thanks for your help.

ChorusLine Tue 25-Sep-07 21:28:05

Hey Pelvic - I have a MX3 (lime green insert)that hsa been used about 6 times. I think it was Mrs B who advised me.

Not sure what you are wanting to pay but would sell for 100 inc post (i use DHL courier) if you fancy. If you want photos I can't take any until tomorrow night.

Have a think and let me know grin

MrsBadger Tue 25-Sep-07 21:30:10

oh god, did i advise you to buy it and it was crap? sad

Beauregard Tue 25-Sep-07 21:39:08

Chorusline thanks sounds great but more than i wanted to pay reallysmile

ChorusLine Tue 25-Sep-07 21:39:36

Oh no!!! Please don't think that...was going to put full story but thought you all may fall asleep. Here goes....

I bid on a 3 three wheeler MAMU as it was great - wide seat etc. I lost so bought a new MX3 new that night. Them got a mail the next day saying the e-bayer was a hoax and did i want second chance offer - at £32 yes i did as they lived arounf the corner!!

So I full intentions of selling one when decided which was my favourite. The reason I have chsoen MAMU is that i have to fold pram at nursery and MAMU is a lot smaller. I just never got round to selling MX3.

You still awake....wink

MrsJohnCusack Tue 25-Sep-07 23:13:30

I take my MX3 on the beach, and across fields, up hills etc.
'tis marvellous

would have bought the lovely carrycot thing too if it wasn't for having to hoick an enormous toddler around as well.

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