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Mumsnetters In Disguise- who are we?

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Jordan Sun 15-Sep-02 23:52:50

Everyone's having strops and coming back in disguise! So I thought I'd join in. Who am I?

And while I'm about it who're Madonna and anais?

Posh Sun 15-Sep-02 23:54:08

And who am I?

Tinker Mon 16-Sep-02 00:54:27

I am India Knight

Tinker Mon 16-Sep-02 01:09:36

and I think you've all been beastly about me. I am a good writer, I AM!

Enid Mon 16-Sep-02 08:59:11


mears Mon 16-Sep-02 10:47:08

I must admit I tried to post under another name but couldn't get the name accepted. I then felt a bit guilty thinking that it was a sleekit thing to do ( good Scots word). Decided that if I was concerned about the reaction of a posting under my original name, I shouldn't post at all.So you will all know that I am the one and only mears.

Batters Mon 16-Sep-02 13:09:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rhubarb Mon 16-Sep-02 14:53:00

Not seen Madonna, but had a run-in with anais already on the veggie thread! I think it's a bit cheeky to change your nickname when you want to post something controversial. Surely we are all of the forgiving and tolerant types here?

I did change my nickname some months ago though to stop friends from coming on and reading my posts. I'm sticking with this though now, it hides the fact that I am Nigella Lawson quite well!

Rhubarb Mon 16-Sep-02 14:53:09


madonna Mon 16-Sep-02 16:32:55

Please curtsey when you speak to me. I have four children really.

Philippat Mon 16-Sep-02 16:43:09

This is beginning to get weird. I think I preffered the mmr/gurus etc arguments. It's spoiling the joys of mumsnet for me. Can we get back to normal?

Philippat Mon 16-Sep-02 17:03:33

Just realised why it's so weird - one of the really lovely things about mumsnet is the genuine-ness of it all. People have strong opinions re Gina Ford, vaccinations, smacking etc, and yes, sometimes it gets out of control. But people speak from the heart and it's not uncommon for a post to have me giggling uncontrollably or wiping away a tear.

Interestingly enough, I rarely have conversations of this intensity with my real-world friends - I think it's harder to be so passionate when you are face-to-face, or perhaps real-world friends are more likely to have the same opinions. I know I spend too much time on mumsnet and that's one thing, but I would miss these conversations if they weren't part of my life.

So, the whole disguise thing takes away the mumsnet essence for me. I prefer it when we bear our souls, let's just try not to hurt each other.

ionesmum Mon 16-Sep-02 17:04:46

I agree, Philipat. This is just too weird.

florenceuk Mon 16-Sep-02 19:44:07

Actually i think Madonna is a genuine troll. Could the moderators do something?

Janeway Mon 16-Sep-02 20:13:31

definately a troll - did you see her (madonna's) post about canabalism on the veggie thread?

bayleaf Mon 16-Sep-02 20:22:40

I agree Philippat - I've felt really 'down' reading so many disagreements and nastiness recently - and now ks has disappeared into the ether so to speak - I'm alwasy going on to all and sundry about how wonderful Mumsnet is - and I really wonder what friends would think if they were to read some of the recent threads after the glowing reference I've given it!

Rhubarb Mon 16-Sep-02 20:50:58

I second everything that everyone has just said. Let's do away with the disguises and be ourselves. Madonna is welcome to post so long as she stops the little mind games. I think the cannabalism post was meant to be funny so I wouldn't take it the wrong way though. I shall forever be Rhubarb!

rosehip Mon 16-Sep-02 21:29:48

I wonder if mumsnet has any 'famous' mum's?????
aka ........

PamT Mon 16-Sep-02 22:10:22

SimonHoward is quiet these days, has he changed his name?

Willow2 Mon 16-Sep-02 23:00:27

I am me and you are he and he is she and we are all together .... or something along these lines.

Actually, I'm who I say I am and I am really confused. I go away for a day or so and come back to find WW3 has broken out - KS has been kidnapped and people are dropping like flies.

And yes Bayleaf, heaven knows what any friends that I've recommended the site to will think if they log on now. The thing I've always liked about Mumsnet is that there really is an online community spirit - and it's this unique touch that has drawn people to the site and kept them coming back. Until recently the site has been wonderfully self-regulating - with very, very few posts ever having to be removed.
I think it's ironic that, just as more and more of us are choosing to meet in the flesh and forming tangible friendships, these problems are surfacing. I've just written a piece about these get-togethers and what a brilliant site this is. I'm hoping that (providing my Editor likes it) it will help get Mumsnet the publicity and members it so desperately needs and deserves. Lets do what we can to get everything back on track before any of them turn up, eh? And to anyone else relatively new who's wondering what's going on - no, this isn't typical. Please do not try to retune your set. Normal service will be resumed.

anais Mon 16-Sep-02 23:07:46

I'm flattered that you are interested in little old me. May I introduce myself? Ford. Gin A Ford....

anais Mon 16-Sep-02 23:14:01

Ooooh, I'm going to get into trouble over that one aren't I?

Seriously, I am, as ScummyMummy already figured out on the previous thread TAFKA (The Artist Formally Known As, in case you were wondering...!) Jenny2998.

I didn't change my name after a strop, or feel the need to disown previous (or current) postings, just decided I needed a change, and trying to protect my "real" identity a bit more.

Rhubarb, yes there have been run-ins already, but its nothing personal. I am just very opinionated and when I feel strongly about something I feel the need to speak out, after all, this site is about sharing ideas. So there I am, thats I'd better think of another nickname...:D

anais Mon 16-Sep-02 23:15:09

Oooops, that should have been...

Tortington Tue 17-Sep-02 00:53:57

i think the fun is in stating your controvertial opinion in your real name.
i think that if you are stating something personal, citing a personal experience that you think could help another mumsnetter or even asking for help on say .... a domestic violence, child abuse or somesuch topic then yes i see the reason to change your name.
however i speak my mind and dont pussy foot around issues, and sometimes it causes debates or fuels existing ones. someone on another thread - cant rember the name, said she was leaving for a while and she apologised if her comments upset anyone and for being opinionated...... i must say i sat here gob smacked!

someone apologised for being opinionated why???

if we are nice to each other all the time it will become intollerably dull. dull, dull dull. dull as dishwater dull.
so who is for religeon, genetics, smacking,staying at home with kids (eeewww),underage contaception, abortion???.. dya remember that debate about class? the definition was herbs and window boxes and the type of taps you have in your bath? i thought that was the bestest ever.. i wet miself everytime i read another posting .. its f.u.n.
what about .. did you see that on the news about a tracking advice for teenagers where you can tell where they are at all times through your mobile phone? yes! they insert it into the arm - like they do with that hormonal stuff for menopause, or is it some kind of contraception? i forget , any diddly doo, same principle? personnally i think it takes all the fun out of being a teenager. i think its only right that teenegers go out get drunk and have sexual encounters and lie to their parents dont take teenage freedom away!... may start another thread waddya think guys and dolls?
anyway my name is custardo
im a wanna be alchoholic ( the type in a pub with loud music friends and plenty beer)

jodee Tue 17-Sep-02 08:17:13

Missed you, Custardo!

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