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New Mel Gibson film

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Clarinet60 Sat 14-Sep-02 23:53:03

Anyone else seen it? It's too frightening, don't go. I've just come home and I won't sleep for months. This was the first night I've been out since DS2 was born, and he's 4 months old.

SueDonim Sun 15-Sep-02 05:51:28

My 15 yr old DD went to see it yesterday, with five friends. Only DD and one other stayed to the end. She's made of stern stuff, my girl - doesn't get it from me as I'm a total coward and even LOTR frightened the wits out of me!!

anais Sun 15-Sep-02 12:49:30

LOTR SueDonim?

SueDonim Sun 15-Sep-02 13:46:51

Oops, sorry - been talking too much to DD! LOTR = Lord of the Ring.

lilibet Sun 15-Sep-02 19:21:32

I saw it last night - Mel is really wearing well! I do frighten easily so there were a few moments when i closed my eyes, I still jump at the noises tho!

anais Sun 15-Sep-02 22:43:06

Lord of the Rings, of course. I've been wracking my brains trying to work that out, I knew it would be really obvious. Duh.

Tinker Mon 16-Sep-02 01:08:41

maybe you were wracking your brians and that's why you couldn't get it????

Mopsy Mon 16-Sep-02 07:04:28

Poor Brian

Clarinet60 Mon 16-Sep-02 11:06:35

I've calmed down a bit now. It's a brilliant film, but v. scary. Particularly if aliens are your achilles heel (sp). I'm ok with vampires, werewolves, ghosts, almost anything, but useless with aliens. And wasps. And big spiders.

Rhubarb Mon 16-Sep-02 14:54:42

I like Brian too!

Clarinet60 Mon 16-Sep-02 18:13:05

I think we should open a new thread in praise of Brian.

Rhubarb Mon 16-Sep-02 20:51:50

Brian seems to be popping up just about everywhere!

lilibet Mon 16-Sep-02 21:00:38

I wish I had a Brian

Willow2 Mon 16-Sep-02 23:01:33

Brian? No he's not the messiah - he's just a very naughty boy.

SueDonim Tue 17-Sep-02 02:12:57

Brian is my dd's physics teacher and he is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. And 15 years younger than me, which makes it even better! DD is, of course, totally humiliated, not to say revolted, by my devotion to said teacher.

anais Tue 17-Sep-02 20:53:41

Tinker, that must be it

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