georges marvellous medicine fancy dress

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miggy Mon 11-Oct-04 21:50:44

ds has finally decided to be George for his book week fancy dress on thursday, this is a great cop out for me as he previously wanted to be Sheltie-the shetland pony!
BUT actually quite hard to show have made an effort-red t shirt/jeans/saucepan
any ideas appreciated

kalex Mon 11-Oct-04 22:02:34

Sorry miggy, sounds fab as a fancy dress outfit, but would have no idea where to begin but this will bump it to a more creative mnetter

sassy Tue 12-Oct-04 07:43:45

Could he carry a basket with some of the ingredients (toothpaste, shoe polish, washing powder etc)? Also perhaps have a tiny post-medicine grandmother (cardboard cutout/doll made of felt) sticking out of a pocket?
He could also learn the spell and chant it throughout the day at random times!!

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