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Neighbour's cleaner

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jane103 Mon 11-Oct-04 19:01:41

My neighbour's cleaner does't stay for the amount of time I think she is supposed to. I see her going about 2 hours in to a three hour shift and she smokes outside their front door too.

Should I tell my neighbour?

TroyMcClure Tue 03-Jul-07 23:26:41

har har

IvortheEngine Wed 20-Sep-06 21:36:04

I remember this! It was funny.

codwiggle Wed 20-Sep-06 21:32:16

here it is

BingoStingo Thu 06-Apr-06 21:03:16

i was lol as i read ds1 s storied that night at the "customer care"

Piffle Thu 06-Apr-06 21:02:10

God I missed this as I was offline due to housemove...
Corking thread, bloody funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BingoStingo Thu 06-Apr-06 20:55:02


codswallop Thu 14-Oct-04 12:43:12

but jan I typed so carfeully!

stupidgirl Wed 13-Oct-04 22:02:12

Sorry to be thick, what am I missing???

Caligula Wed 13-Oct-04 21:41:38

This is f****** hilarious. Wish there were more problems like this on Mumsnet.

JanH Wed 13-Oct-04 21:39:44

mmm - I just reread it and with hindsight, "agriclutral supplies" was a dead giveaway.

Thunderbird1 Wed 13-Oct-04 21:38:37

Also thought the Becca thread was hilarious but I still got slapped wrists ! I loved the "agricultural supplies" bit & it "going mental"

codswallop Wed 13-Oct-04 21:34:21

its is very funny when you read it agin
ndp get sreally hacked off!
get moppin ndp

Thunderbird1 Wed 13-Oct-04 21:32:16

NOOOOOOooooooooo - don't.
I got my wrists slapped for joining in the frivolity !

codswallop Wed 13-Oct-04 21:30:39

and here was the first one

jane103 Mon 11-Oct-04 20:42:43

thank you.
you and becca have been very helpful

hercules Mon 11-Oct-04 20:41:05

Tbh I would leave well alone. It doesnt seem a big deal smoking outside nor having the boyfriend round. You dont know their arrangements and you might well find any interference unwelcome.
If she isnt doing all the work your neighbour will soon cotton on anyway.

misdee Mon 11-Oct-04 20:33:40


jane103 Mon 11-Oct-04 20:17:13

well I really will have to have a think about that.

Hold on my husband is walking in.

tamum Mon 11-Oct-04 20:15:42

May I ask what the meal incident was?

jane103 Mon 11-Oct-04 20:12:49

I am in agriclutral supplies. I am team leader - at harvest time its like, mental.

tamum Mon 11-Oct-04 20:11:00

What sort of Customer Care job do you have???

NomDePlume Mon 11-Oct-04 20:04:31


I think you've had more than enough opinions on this problem to form your own opinion now, Jane.

jane103 Mon 11-Oct-04 20:04:31

Oh, a few months ago - my job was really going mad, and then there was the meal incident which I would rather really not talk about.
Thank YOU for listening.

Beccarollover Mon 11-Oct-04 20:04:18

Jane - dont get upset - mumsnet has been a bit weird recently with lots of trolls and windups.

I for one am not sure if your for real or not but I always think on these forums the best way to be is give people the benefit of the doubt as it would be awful to offend a genuine poster.

Please dont be offended! We are nice really

Beccarollover Mon 11-Oct-04 20:02:58

When did you split up with the boyfrien?

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