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Today I was asked

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Twiglett Fri 21-Sep-07 17:17:31

what my husband, sorry partner did

I'm patently going to have to get a bigger feck off engagement and wedding ring aren't I?

Cappuccino Fri 21-Sep-07 17:20:59

I do get annoyed when people call dh my partner

they are obv just trying to be non-judgmental and politically neutral

"my husband" I say, gripping my handbag

mytwopenceworth Fri 21-Sep-07 17:22:07

Husband and wife are dirty words these days it seems. sad

Twiglett Fri 21-Sep-07 17:25:11

LOL at Hyacinth Bouquet moment ...""my husband" I say, gripping my handbag "

Gameboy Fri 21-Sep-07 17:26:43

Once when I was about 23 I was working abroad and got upgraded to first class (from business class). I sat down next to this bloke and he leered at me and said, "soooo - what doesn YOUR Daddy do then?"


Twiglett Fri 21-Sep-07 18:14:57

did you poke him in the eye?

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