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I want to find the "Pathetic women" thread

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CountessDracula Fri 21-Sep-07 09:53:49

It was such fun
dh adn I wwere talking this am about pathetic women

you know the sort
Can't drive on motorways
or in London (there are dragons on the roads you know)
Only drive automatics
Don't know where the stopcock is (or even what a stopcock is)
Won't open the door if dh not in


Hallgerda Fri 21-Sep-07 10:26:04

I used to be a Pathetic Woman who didn't know where the stopcock was. Then I really needed to find out... and discovered we didn't actually have one. Felt a bit less pathetic after that grin (especially now we've had one put in and I DO know where it is).

I'll add to the list of pathetic attributes:

Can't go anywhere without a friend for moral support.

Cappuccino Fri 21-Sep-07 10:27:53

my mil came to 'help' us paint the kitchen once

had to call fil over to move the stepladder every single time she wanted to get to the next bit

claricebeansmum Fri 21-Sep-07 10:28:41

Wont take car into garage

GlendaSlagg Fri 21-Sep-07 10:30:10

Don't drive at night
Can't reverse
Can't park
Defer to their husbands on every single decision

niceglasses Fri 21-Sep-07 10:30:52

Have to meet you outside the pub.

GlendaSlagg Fri 21-Sep-07 10:31:36

Good one niceglasses!

iota Fri 21-Sep-07 10:32:24

I knew someone who wouldn't go to the gym on her own shock

lorca Fri 21-Sep-07 10:34:34

won't use a multi-storey car park, won't drive anywhere if she doesn't know the way.

GlendaSlagg Fri 21-Sep-07 10:38:45

Buys things in shops and take them home to see if hubby approves and if not, she takes them back.

CountessDracula Fri 21-Sep-07 10:48:11

Oh yes these are vg

bossykate Fri 21-Sep-07 10:48:52

starts threads slagging off other women on mnet...

CountessDracula Fri 21-Sep-07 10:55:55

lighten up bk

purpleflower Fri 21-Sep-07 10:57:45

I can see myself here blush

expatinscotland Fri 21-Sep-07 10:59:20

i know where all cocks are .

fireflyfairy2 Fri 21-Sep-07 11:00:11

Goes shopping & sees things she likes & then tells her dh about them so he can buy them & surprise her with them hmm

CountessDracula Fri 21-Sep-07 11:02:34

yy all good
but can anyone find teh original thread

This is what I was after...

FluffyMummy123 Fri 21-Sep-07 16:37:34

Message withdrawn

Snaf Fri 21-Sep-07 16:42:16

I started to drive on mtorways and in London after that thread grin

I do think that was my only real Pathetic Woman-ism anyway... I am Hard As Nails now. Honest.

CountessDracula Fri 21-Sep-07 16:43:10

well done!

Wish I could find it, must have been in chat

Haylstones Fri 21-Sep-07 16:44:02

Goes into a pub with you but refuses to go to the bar on her own so either you have to go with her or take the money and go for her (admittedly not seen since student days but possibly because I suddenly stopped frequenting pubs when I left uni).

(I don't know where the stopcock is blush) so shpuld maybe stay quiet

EffiePerine Fri 21-Sep-07 16:44:13

When driving:

Askign your DH if you're in the right gear
Getting out of the car so he can reverse for you
Refusing to drive ANYWHERE on your own

oranges Fri 21-Sep-07 16:44:27

oooh i need this. I have NEVER driven in the UK since I passed my test. In LA, Kenya, everywhere else, but not Britain. And I need someone to slap me and tell me to stop being pathetic.

motherinferior Fri 21-Sep-07 16:46:26

I am shamelessly pathetic about driving. I don't like driving. I don't care. Or only slightly.

FluffyMummy123 Fri 21-Sep-07 16:47:53

Message withdrawn

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