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What do you do that's just for you?

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SuperMonkey Fri 21-Sep-07 07:03:39

And how do you find the time to do it?

I seem to spend my life looking after everyone else.

Theclosetpagan Fri 21-Sep-07 07:14:18

I have a bath when DH is home. I disappear off for at least 30 mins and just soak. Having said that - it isn't perfect as occasionally (alright often) DS wants to get in with me and sometimes just barges in and strips off (he's going to be such a romantic when he gets older grin)

massivebigpantsface Fri 21-Sep-07 07:23:19

I started the same thread a few months ago when I was feeling a bit rubbish!
Now dd is a bit older, feedind less often and dh spends more time with her, so I get to:
have a nice relaxing bath
mn a bit
have just had first night out for ages and intend to do this more often - just a couple of drinks with friends but it is nice to switch off from homelife completely for a couple of hours
Cinema with my sis last week too.

liath Fri 21-Sep-07 07:29:31

I've just joined the amazon DVD rental scheme as DH works a lot of evenings and my baby has just started going to bed at a decent hour. Have lots of girlie DVds on my list, starting with Pride & Prejudice for tonight. Have also bought some half bottles of wine so I can have a glass without opening a whole bottle and it then going off.

LucyJones Fri 21-Sep-07 07:34:46

Go to work (sad but true - the lunch hour in the pub with mates makes it worth while!)
Get my hair cut
Go shopping on my own sometimes at the weekend
Dh takes kids swimming Sunday mornings so I get a shower in peace
Every evening after 7pm is mine, all mine grin
Go out every Monday night with the girls for pub dinner and drinks

LucyJones Fri 21-Sep-07 07:35:26

also every 6 months or so i go away with old school friends for the weekend

SuperMonkey Fri 21-Sep-07 07:52:36

DS now regularly goes to sleep about 8pm every night, so I have the time after that to myself. I just feel soooo tired though that I don't feel like doing much. I'm usually going to bed at 10pm myself. I think I just need to use those 2 hours better rather than just watching TV and coming on here!

Can I justify a cleaner I wonder? That would free some time up for me too.

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