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I need to rant.......

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ChorusLine Thu 20-Sep-07 12:12:53


Sorry but need to get this off my chest. My friend is so unreliable and frequently lets me down. Example: this morning she was calling round after the school run so our boys (nearly 2) could play together. I told my ds about 10 mins before due as he likes to look out of window and spens 10 mins shouting her DS name. I realise that I should not have done this but I just keep thinking she will improve. I only got a phone call at 1030 saying something had cropped up - but we only arranged at 930 last night!

What annoys me is I don't let he down, i pick her 8 year old DD up every Tuesday from school while she is at work til 5pm. I feel like letting her down at last minute but that would be ridiculous and not fair on her DD (and I like spending time with her).

I have booked my first driving lesson for Sunday as she has said she will look after my DS (I'm a single parent) while driving - but something is screaming at me *GET ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENTS!!!*

Feel better for typing it out!!!! Does anyone have friends like this?

Tamdin Thu 20-Sep-07 12:18:34

very frustrating chorus line.

I don't have anyone quite this unreliable but I do have a friend who does not possess the ability to be on time for anything! it drives me nuts. I've actually started to tell her we need to be somewhere an hour before we actually do.

mindalina Thu 20-Sep-07 12:19:09

Yes! For me there are no kids involved on her side, which probably helps, but she seems pathologically incapable of keeping to an arrangement. It drives me round the bend.

I have every sympathy for your predicament, and personally would arrange alternative care for DS for Sunday.

ChorusLine Thu 20-Sep-07 13:04:20

Just spoketo my mum and she is going to look after DS on Sunday....Thanks for listening!!

mindalina Thu 20-Sep-07 13:06:34

Glad you've got Sunday sorted. I would be inclined to do something petty like not let her know, but as you mention that's probably unfair on the children. It's what I do to my friend, but then I can be incredibly childish and she doesn't have any children.

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