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Cranbrook/Goudhurst area, thinking of moving there.

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Rhiannon Wed 11-Sep-02 23:03:59

Thinking of moving down this way, not more than 15 miles from Tunbridge Wells anyway. Apparently the state schools are good. Comments please. R

pupuce Thu 12-Sep-02 12:26:35

Living in TW myself.... if you have any question - fire them !

Rhiannon Thu 12-Sep-02 16:49:46

pupuce, brilliant! Well I'm thinking of TW as being a large affluentish town with good shops and lots going on. Am I right?

Apparently Cranbrook school has a good reputation and we will probably look in the catchment area. Heard anything about it?

Please tell me anything and everything you can! R

pupuce Thu 12-Sep-02 21:40:48

Well get my e-mail address of Justine or Carrie and I'll chat off-line- Pluto and Honeybunny are also in this area. CAM is in Hastings.

Rhiannon Mon 16-Sep-02 21:20:03

pupuce, just found this, thanks very much.

We've decided to spend a week in the area over half term so when I've got more specific questions I'll contact you.

Many Thanks. R

Rhiannon Thu 19-Sep-02 17:31:19

pupuce, we've booked a holiday cottage in Benenden over half term. Taking my Mum too so she can see what she thinks of the area. I've mentally moved already but we'll see, the houses are quite expensive. R

pluto Thu 19-Sep-02 19:22:28

Bear in mind Cranbrook School is a grammar so your children will need to do the 11plus. (There are other good schools in TW). I really like it here and would thoroughly recommend the area!

Rhiannon Fri 20-Sep-02 13:27:16

Thanks Pluto, yes and they don't start until they're 13. Looking at the selection criteria being in the catchment area is about 3rd or 4th down the list. Houses are not cheap in Cranbrook either. R

Rhiannon Thu 26-Sep-02 10:58:41

pupuce/pluto, we are still on the Kent trail. Have spoken to a school in Hawkhurst today called St Ronans who say they will have spaces for my two children next year. The question is do you know if it's a good school? Their prospectus seems a little eccentric telling us about the staff who have dogs and children wearing all sorts of different coloured uniforms because they like it. R

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